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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's paid online service continues to disappoint

Shitty, I agree.

But Japan does get the regular 3 games.

We get Joy Mech Fight, a Japan-only title.

Need something off Play-Asia?

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Where are the discounts, Nintendo? NES games only are not an attractive prospect for anyone at this point, there've been hundreds of different ways to play them at this point. Hell, more free games like the Twilight Princess Picross game would be neat.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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PAOerfulone said:

Seriously, Nintendo?
What about Mario 2 USA & Lost Levels?
Kirby's Adventure?
The original Kid Icarus?
Why don't you call Capcom, Konami, and Square Enix to get the Mega Man games? Castlevania? The OG Final Fantasies?

Or if you REALLY wanted to sell this Online service, why don't you bring out the Super Nintendo library? You're discontinuing the classic consoles anyways. Might as well put all those games (and some more) onto the online service. (And also hold up a giant middle finger with the words "Fuck You!" painted down the finger to scalpers in the process.)

This service has so much potential, but you guys constantly keep dropping the ball and it's so damn frustrating!

Nintendo isn't allowed to rerelease both NES and the original Gameboy Tetris due to licensing issues, and in fact the Tetris company swore themselves never to allow them to be released again (because Nintendo got their licence from another party, so they didn't earn squat over them), so don't expect it to ever show up despite how influential it was.

I can't agree the notion that those two games are lame (especially not Zelda II, my favorite Zelda btw), but I agree however that reducing to just two games is really shitty. I do understand that they need to strech out the releases between the months but why are there no higher profile third party games? I can understand for Megaman (Capcom certainly prefers to sell their game compilations instead by now) and some other potential games which just got rereleased in compilations, but that's about it. Get more games to the subscription!

A fear of mine is that witch the success of those retro consoles the IP holders (aka most big publishers) have jacked up the prices for those old games, especially the more known IP, to a point where they are not commercially viable anymore. I hope this isn't true and it's just Nintendo pulling a bad move, but considering the greediness of today's publishers it's not something I'd rule out either.

I hope Nintendo also open talks with Sega to get Master System and Megadrive games into the service at a later date.

That's not how Nintendo's CFO looks at it.

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OP, you've never heard of Blaster Master? You don't know much about the NES then... it' easily one of the best games on the system.

That being said, two games is disappointing. Especially since we still don't have Punch-Out!!, Castlevania I, II, III, Final Fantasy, Startropics, Kirby Adventure's, Tetris, Adventure Island, Megaman... and many others.

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Zelda II is amazing and way better than people make it out to be. It only got its reputation as the black sheep in the series years after its release because it doesn't follow the "traditional" 2D Zelda formula. Blaster Master is great, too. But this month is still disappointing: Nintendo promised three games per month and they can't even deliver that outside of Japan.

But I'll keep my hopes up. I still think the NES service is just Nintendo's playing ground for a real classic streaming service. I'd gladly pay 50 bucks a year for a solid collection of SNES, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games. It just makes too much financial sense to do it: They'd easily get over 10 million subscribers for such a service.

Why people mention Mega Man? The whole Mega Man and Mega Man x games are already on Switch.

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Still see more value in it than PS+ quite honestly

The problem with the service isn’t the lack of free games (although that is a bit sad, I’d rath just buy individually any games I wanted). The problem is the lack of games with online features that makes the service necessary. Pretty much just smash, although I guess some would say splatoon as well. Nintendo needs more online games if they are going to have a service charging for online...

Ganoncrotch said:
Keep in mind this is a service which costs €1.60 per month, exactly how many SNES classic titles were you guys thinking they would bring each month? At 80c per nes title on top of online play in some amazing games I would wager people who use this service aren't feeling too ripped off by it.

It costs in line with a KFC visit for a years sub lol.

Your absolutely right, people should keep in mind this service costs exactly 1,60€ per month too much. 1,60€ for two NES games doesn't sound too bad but compared to other competing services this offering is abysmal.