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Forums - Sales Discussion - When (if at all) Do You Think the NS Hardware Sales LTD Will Overtake XOne's?


When (if at all) Do You Think the NS Hardware Sales LTD Will Overtake XOne's?

Q1-2 2019 69 4.20%
Q3-4 2019 552 33.58%
Q1-2 2020 394 23.97%
Q3-4 2020 363 22.08%
Q1-2 2021 68 4.14%
Q3-4 2021 53 3.22%
Q1-2 2022 15 0.91%
Q3-4 2022 11 0.67%
2023 or later 19 1.16%
Never 100 6.08%

Sometime in 2020 I suspect.

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People who are questioning why the X1 would be in decline mode should also take a look at a recent digital foundry video on the console when they talk about how the original Xbox1 base hardware is pretty much dead, partially because of the ESRAM being more difficult to work around, the systems lack of power to begin with and the sales of it not encouraging companies to invest more dev time they've pointed out that the difference in 3rd party multiplatforms performance on that system borders into unplayable for a handful of games, so the base version of the system is now getting less and less quality 3rd party titles coming to it.... well they're there but at sub 720p and with no holds on the frame rate.

In terms of hardware revisions or replacements though, there is the rumoured Switch revision coming or being revealed in March of this year which could spike sales if it's going to be a DS > DSLite type redesign for Nintendo and also it must be kept in mind that there was talk about the replacement for the X1 not being a whole new system but more an evolution of that system with more power, so.... the X1X2 basically, as in if it's going to be a system which is forwards compatible as it was spoke about you could see the next gen of Xbox machine technically still being an Xbox 1 so the sales would decline with the announcement of the new system but would resume when it launched as they would be in the same generation of system.

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In about 1 year from now, so Q4 when lucky, Q1 2020 more realistically.

Could actually be holiday this year tbh the impact PLG and Smash have had recently would have closed the gap significantly quicker especially if we see a 5-6m December for NS and the impact of AC, Gen 8, FE etc will have this year could see the platform catch X1 this holiday.

No later than December

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By the March 2020 report, Switch will be ahead.

Ill go with Q3-4 2020.

John2290 said:
All votes for this year. Smh. It'll be mid to late 2020 at the very earliest and most likely q4 2020 or q1 2021.

It will be this year easily. Too bad MS doesn't share their numbers, so we'll never really know.

Lol at your 2021 prediction.

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S'gon happen. Why does every poll here, even the ones made by staff, have insane options? Went with Q 1-2 2020.


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Based on Vgchartz numbers, it should be this year, or q1 of 2020