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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Make a realistic January 2018 Direct

Some of these look like wishlists ... I can't see them giving dates or trailers for Animal Crossing, Metroid, Pokemon or Bayonetta since those will all be saved for later in the year.

I think we'll get the next three months' NES games for Online announced. A feature on Yoshi. Something on Super Mario Bros. U: could there be DLC coming for that? Is it too early to announce the second DLC character for Smash Bros. Ultimate?

I'd like to see a Persona 5 announcement but it depends on how far along they are with that (and whether it's coming at all!)

I like the idea of some kind of Super Mario Maker reveal: that would really help Online along and it would explain why they're launching Super Mario Bros. U so early in the year.

Oh, and they've got to announce Metroid Prime Trilogy sometime ... surely?

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Here is your january 2018 direct:

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-Yoshi's Crafted World release Date;
-BIG Fire Emblem Spotlight;
-More Town gameplay and possibly title reveal;
-Final Fantasy release dates;
- 2 big Third Party ports (I'm thinking The Evil Within or Borderlands for some reason);
-Third Party/Indie reel;
-Metroid Prime Trilogy HD announcement and release date;
-Bravely Third Announcement;
-One big First party announcement, my guess would be Retro's new game with a Summer release window;

If it's a real Nintendo direct, and not just a mini one:

- Yoshi's CW release date
- Fire Emblem: TH release date
- a Wii U port (I'll bet on a Zelda one)
- a bunch of indie games
- a new Mario game (there's several Mario games each year, so far only NSMBU has been announced)
- no Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Metroid Prime 4 or Luigi's Mansion news

Surprised they possible don't have a direct before the launch of NSMBULUIGIDXSwitch release

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- Yoshi's Crafted World coming in March
- Fire Emblem: Three Houses coming in May. FE Direct coming closer to launch.
- Reminders for Mario & Travis Strikes Again (if the Direct happens this week)
- Nindies news
- Third-party reel (Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, Trials Rising, Tales of Vesperia, Team Sonic Racing, Crash Team Racing, other stuff)
- Smash DLC news: Piranha Plant dated (I'd hope Free DLC is confirmed too - maybe a couple of echo fighters and stages from older games coming back)
- Dragon Quest XI S shown, DQ Fighter joining Smash

Less likely:
- Luigi's Mansion 3 given a title and dated as Summer 2019
- SNES Classic Online announced, more NES games confirmed
- Wonderful 101 port announced for 2019
- Daemon x Machina dated as Summer 2019
- Persona 5 R coming in 2019

konnichiwa said:
Surprised they possible don't have a direct before the launch of NSMBULUIGIDXSwitch release

If its Thursday the 10th like most think than it will be the day before NSMBUD.

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I'm thinking there'll be a lot packed into the direct.

- Direct starts with an Indies showcase.
- Tembo the Badass Elephant port announced, releasing after the direct.
- Town will be the first game shown off in-depth, is dated for late May, retails for $40.
- Fire Emblem Three Houses is dated for the 29th of March. It will have three paths as in Fates, but intertwined much more smoothly in a single package rather than being DLC. Gameplay in battle is along the lines of Conquest, but allows for grinding in between missions. Marriage and children will return.
- Mother 1+2+3 collection revealed - it is Japan exclusive and won't be in the western directs (however both 1 and 2 can play in English if the game is imported); features a remastered soundtrack, further polished graphics and general QoL improvements. It releases in March.
- Animal Crossing is unveiled, will release in early August.
- Luigi's Mansion 3 releases in late October. Will play more like the first game.
- Pikmin 4 releases in July. Olimar is back as the main character, has a treasure hunting focus like 2.
- Bayonetta 3 will come in early October.
- Metroid Prime 4 is unveiled, has a big campaign, but an equally big multiplayer focused mode, releases in November.
- Direct ends with a release date of September 30 for Pokemon 2019 No other information, but there will be a separate Pokemon Direct at the end of this month. It will get super hyped, but be bland, unambitious and lacking features from the 3DS games, as is Game Freak standard. (I hope I'm wrong, but nothing is indicating that I am.)
The "one more thing" is the reveal of the first gen 8 Pokemon, as an entrant in Smash.

I'm only going to cover new or unveiling of announced games, not ones already unveiled.
1. Animal Crossing unveiled with TBD 3rd/4th quarter 2019
2. 3 indie games we've never heard.
3. Super Mario Maker 2.0
4. Another Wii U Port to Switch
5. Luigi's Mansion 3 unveiled and launching Halloween.
6. Fire Emblem Switch unveiled, TBD second half 2019
7. Either a new Mario and Luigi, Paper Mario, or Super Mario RPG 2 (IT COULD HAPPEN!)
8. Whatever the heck Retro is making will be revealed at last. A very western game. Perhaps the Halo of Nintendo?
9. Advanced Wars Switch

*Bonus for the lulz*
Final Fantasy XVI to the Nintendo Switch 2.0, launching in 2022 as a game launch exclusive.

Start with pikmin 4 preview. Announce and date for pikmin collection wth 1, 2, 3 and a exclusive demo for pikmin 4.
Details, dates for deamon x machina, yoshi, fe3h.
Announce W102. comes with W101 also(similar situation to bayonetta).
New footages for Ninjala, SMTV, Town with more gameplay.
Xenoblade X+ with new features. Added 1 island, 3 chapters and lvl max to 100.
NSMBUD details. New free board to SMP, eshop games (a la dr Luigi, sniperclips, boxboy), 3rd party games.
Joker gameplay on smash. Finishes with persona 5, coming same day as joker on smash.