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NES?SM: Super Mario Brothers 3
SNES/SG: Super Metroid
N64/PSX: Golden Eye 007
GCN/PS2/XBX: Resident Evil 4
NW/PS3/X360: MGS4
NS/PS4/XBX1: ????

This does not include PC games. Also, the hardest generation for me to rank was the N64/PSX generation. So many amazing games. I honestly believe that the GCN and PS2 were inferior to the N64 and PSX. SM64, DKR, OOT, MM, MGS, FF7, FFT, GE, PD, wow...


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And mine is Bloodborne.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild followed closely by Persona 5.

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Nothing comes close to God of War this year. That game is pure POLISH right to the last drop. It plays like a goddamn DREAM! You don't want it to end. The combat feels so freaking satisfying!

It comesdown to Uncharted 4 or God of War and man that's tough but I think the edge goes to GOW simply because the look of the entire game is more creative and absorbing. I think the visuals and art direction are some of the most dramatic and painstakingly stunning designs I have ever encountered in a game. Everytime I entered a new area I simply just walk around and take it all in. No rushing with this game, it's just TOO beautiful to look at.

If 3DS games are allowed then Fire Emblem Awakening. One of my all time favorites.

If not, perhaps Overwatch, Undertale or Smash Ultimate.

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RE7 VR. It will forever be my first full game experience in VR providing 60 hours of unforgettable game play. It has left as much of an impressions as half-life in '98 and one of the very few games I have enjoyed enough to finish on the highest difficulty level, twice.

Anyway VR is on a different level. For pancake games the competition is quite close. TLG, SotC remake, GoW, BotW, HZD, GTS, U4 all play and look amazing. If I go by most played it would have to be GTS, sitting at 1435 hours played. For single player BotW wins with 170 hours.

ratolmc said:
In a generation with the likes of Red Dead 2, Zelda BOTW, Bloodborne, God of War, Persona 5, Mario Odyssey, and Uncharted 4 only one game reigns supreme.

Witcher 3

I sadly would differ with this one. I wished I ever got myself to play Witcher 3.  Even after buying it and installing it, I failed to sit through it. Bloodborne and GoW  shares the spot followed by Red Dead 2 this generation so far. GoW the edge as GOTG.

For me its a battle between, Bloodborne GOW and Horizon Zero Dawn. Whilst Botw and the Witcher 3 are amazing I enjoyed them slightly less.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

xMetroid said:
Horizon when Botw and Witcher 3 do almost everything better.
Horizon was good but really overhyped

I played all three, Botw was kind a repetitive, especially the divine beast, it didn't have a good story and combat is a bit lacking, also you either love or don't like the art style. 

Witcher 3 has a great story is very cinematic has the best side quests in any game, but combat feels kind of clunky and it isn't exactly free of bugs and technical issues. Graphics are decent enough, but rarely amazing.

Horizon Zero Dawn is easily the best looking game on PS4, (GOW comes somewhat close though). The combat is amazing and there are surprisingly many ways to kill your enemies, but outside the main story, which is very good for its genre the side quests, physics, and freedom are a bit lacking and rewards after quests are not really rewarding.

All have their ups and downs, but by no means one is far superior to the other its just what qualities you value most. 

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

I'm surprised to see so many people put HZD in their top games of the generation. I enjoyed the game. It was good. Maybe one of the top few games of that year. But, it doesn't even appear on my radar when talking about games of the generation.

I'd put TW3, BotW, GoW, RDR2, SMO, MK8 and maybe Far Cry 5 and Ass Creed Origins well above it. I'd also probably put Doom and Titanfall 2 above it. I might even put Destiny above it (though I recognize my opinion is not widely shared on that one). In other words, HZD at best makes the bottom end of my top ten, and some days I may not even put it there.

Come to think of it, I'd also have to consider putting some of the Forza Horizon games up there.

Now that I look at this post, I guess I could make the same points about Uncharted 4. A very good game, but not a true GOTG contender.