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Forums - Sony Discussion - psmini, one of the biggest fails of the year

Megiddo said:
Hah. It's a PEGI 18 device? Wonder what pixelated violence has the classification board in a tizzy.

People said I was crazy when I brought this up as a potential issue for the PSC's sales, but I'm sure it played a role. A lot of parents who might buy this for their kids might be turned off by it.

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twintail said:
dx11332sega said:
Wow Snes mini plays ridge racer better than PS1 mini it was in ReciewtechUSA latest video 2 hours ago :(

That video is inaccurate. 

Can you elaborate on that? Don't just say it's inaccurate and then change topics. I want to know why it's inaccurate.

I've heard nothing but bad things about this device, so many weird decisions rolled into one piece of hardware, and that game selection leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Dulfite said:
DonFerrari said:

Perhaps the customer base is in another galaxy or dimension =p

What damage control when I acknowledge that the system is among the biggest fails together with things no one even remember?

Your saying no one remembers labo? Pretty sure most STEM teachers in America have at least heard of it. 

Nope, PSMini and Labo (failed less since it may achieve 1,5-2M this year) are two products that failed hard but people remember them. And that there are a lot of other failed products that we don't even remember.

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Medisti said:
twintail said:

That video is inaccurate. 

Can you elaborate on that? Don't just say it's inaccurate and then change topics. I want to know why it's inaccurate.

Yes it was already posted, uses doctored footage and false equivalency(SNES classic is using newer version of pcsx). We know with some tweaking and updates the pa classic will operate better

It had its own thread. Dark1x (Digital Foundry) came into the thread and said that footage is not accurate.

Except as pointed out, the video on the right is not how it looks when running on a PS classic. So it’s not a proper comparison video.

Sure, yet the point still stands that even on default settings what is shown on the right is not how it is on an unmotified PS classic (mine does not perform like that and even DF retro host says it wasn’t like that).

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I was very disappointed about this. I pre-ordered it day one, but cancelled as soon as the full lineup was announced. The news only got worse from there.

Although I'm in a PAL region, I'd prefer the NTSC copies of the games. Most games are generally made for the major markets of the US and Japan, and like the case of the SNES Classic, some games never even made it to PAL (Mario RPG, FFVI)

This isn't the only time Sony tried to copy Nintendo and failed.

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DonFerrari said:
Probably among them with Labo and some other obscure release we don't even care.

It's really sad to see how rampant "whataboutism" has become, in this era of politics.

Mr Puggsly said:
Digital Foundry did a great analysis and its a disaster.

Its funny, many of us were critical of the library but thats not even the worst thing about it.

Yeah who’d have thought that shit game library they picked would be the least of the devices problems.

Acevil said:
I remember when someone on this site said "It will do amazing regardless" and "we aren't the customers for this device". Looks like Customers for this device are in another castle.

Playing the bias card only makes sense when the complaints are coming from people who wouldn't buy the product regardless of what it is. But the criticism toward this product very visibly included a lot of PlayStation fans.

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