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twintail said:
Medisti said:

Can you elaborate on that? Don't just say it's inaccurate and then change topics. I want to know why it's inaccurate.

Yes it was already posted, uses doctored footage and false equivalency(SNES classic is using newer version of pcsx). We know with some tweaking and updates the pa classic will operate better

It had its own thread. Dark1x (Digital Foundry) came into the thread and said that footage is not accurate.

Except as pointed out, the video on the right is not how it looks when running on a PS classic. So it’s not a proper comparison video.

Sure, yet the point still stands that even on default settings what is shown on the right is not how it is on an unmotified PS classic (mine does not perform like that and even DF retro host says it wasn’t like that).

Thanks! I can't just take people at their word without evidence. This will do nicely. :P