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What is your thought

It's just a Joke people don't get the Joke 21 55.26%
All the websites that acc... 5 13.16%
PewDiePie is a reincarnation of Hitler 3 7.89%
All of this is an ilmuniti works 3 7.89%
I don't care i am busy playing Smash Bros 6 15.79%

Pewdiepie/youtube is more relevant than most mainstream media and that could be the source of the trouble and hitpieces,also the journalists making those articles are in most of the cases talentless ignorant figures with a bloated ego.


Edit: Also a random picked review for a game on this site is mostly plenty of times better on the level of research and intellect than those "proffesional journalists"

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If someone is called "antisemitic" by the medias, it si a good sign. I use to take the side of the people called "antisemitic" by the political and mediatic system. In France we are far more advanced with these notions it seems.

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estebxx said:
I have been watching Pewdiepie for over a year now (since the Wall Street Journal did that pathetic attempt of a hit piece), and i have been subscribed to E.R (the Youtuber he shouted out) also for over a year and have watched all of his videos (some of them multiple times), and i can confidently say that not only is Pewdiepie not anti semitic but i can argue E.R isnt either.

Because the thing is E.R "anti semetic" jokes are not only really subtle but are barely "anti semetic", all he really does is point out that a particular person or group of people who worked on the movie or show he is reviewing are Jews, and he does it sometimes in such a subtle way that unless you are aware of the "Jews control the media" conspiracy or you watch all of his videos back to back you wouldnt even notice it, which explains perfectly why Pewdiepie himself didnt notice this when he watched E.R videos and had no problem recommending his content to his audience.

This is just another case of the media over exaggerating things in order to try to smear and take down Pewdiepie, likely because he is HUGE and has way more influence than they do, all while not sharing their political correctness or beliefs, and funny enough all this will acomplish is gain Pewdiepie more supporters (when people find the truth behind this fake anti semetic claims), just like the old Nazi hit piece on him backfired and got people like me (who didnt used to watch him) supporting him and becoming active viewers of his content.

Agreed. I think E;R is just being edgy, a la Rucka Rucka Ali. I watched one of his SW reviews and the one reference I saw was he spoke about the Empire, but instead of showing their base/ship, he showed an image from another film that has a Nazi base shaped like a swastika.

the_dark_lewd said:

No he's not. He recommended a channel for its anime reviews. He didn't notice that the channel has random little racist and sexist stuff carefully inserted into the videos.

I watched some of the videos from E;R yesterday. They are just normal comedy review videos. You really have to pay close attention to notice anything wrong. Like in his Star Wars review, he called J.J.Abrams "Jew Jew Abrams".
But if you weren't looking for that, you could easily not notice it (especially given that people don't necessarily know Abrams is jewish).

These dumb activist journalists don't understand that normal people don't spend all their time hunting for subtle racism everywhere.


PewDiePie should be commended for spending that much time promoting smaller channels (aka competitors), he's being dragged into mud instead. smh.

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LurkerJ said:
PewDiePie should be commended for spending that much time promoting smaller channels (aka competitors), he's being dragged into mud instead. smh.

He also does tons of fundraiser's that are never spoken of by mainstream media .

I didn't like Pewdiepie back then but now he's actually pretty entertaining.

As usual these fucking "journalists" are just out to draw blood. Some whom by the way defended a twitch "streamer" who got pissed for being pointed out that she's doing softcore livecam shows and also committed marriage fraud to get citizenship. Oh the outcry about cyber bullying by these journalists are hilarious. Their site doesn't deserve anymore clicks.

the media(Vox particularly in this situation) continues to try and paint Pewdiepie as anti-semitic and Vox continues to look like complete idiots. The media is upset because Pewdiepie has a bigger outreach than they do, so they are trying to slander his name with outrageous claims. What is really ironic is how the media are the ones giving channels like E.R more views and I'm sure more subscribers.

I just don't understand "Why"? Is it cause he's Swedish? Is it cause he's a gamer? Cause he's famous? What could be a reason for giving such a hard time to a person who just does his job as an entertainer and, by no means, has any intentions of spreading hate?

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