Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If you could pick one, and only one, PS4 or Xbox exclusive to be ported to the Switch, which one would it be?

Just for the purposes of this thread, in this fictional universe technical differences and limitations between the systems don´t really matter and any game could get a Switch version.

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Halo:MCC with cross play

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Mr Puggsly said:
Halo:MCC with cross play

That is my answer as well. I'd love to be able to play it on the go. 

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX and then when it finally releases, Kingdom Hearts 3 could come to Switch too, since I'm currently playing through the games now and feel like the series is a great fit for Nintendo, Square Enix should really consider porting them over!

Since the game runs on magic and needs no downgrades: God of War in the palm of my hand would be mindblowing.

God of War if all future games come as well.

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Persona 5. Funny thing is... it might actually happen