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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo KNOCKED out of the park on TGA!

StuOhQ said:
Metallox said:
At this point I think it's safe to say that Prime 4 will be a launch title for Switch's successor.

Yeah, they'really just leaving us out to die here. I honestly think Reggie was intentionally ruffling Metroid fan's feathers.

Outside of Reggie’s Ridley in Smash bros. shirt, I don’t see what’s the problem here. 

If Nintendo is ready to show Metroid Prime 4, then they will show it. They’re not obligated to show it because it’s the Game Awards.

They teased it at E3 2017 to give Metroid Samus Returns a more favorable response and to throw fans a bone in that “Hey, we’re developing this game so please don’t ask anymore, ok?”

Thats my mindset personally. If a company is ready to show more, they will. At this time, Nintendo apparently didn’t feel the game is at a state to show off at the Game Awards. 

This idea that the game will no longer be developed for Switch and release on the Switch’s successor is weird. The Switch is only 2 years old. Plus, Breath of the Wild stayed its course and released on Wii U alongside the Switch version. You really think Nintendo would do what Metallox stated after all that?

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Acevil said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Yeah, but every Smash character has at least one game on a Nintendo system of some kind. It's kind of a rule for Smash. 

That is actually more than Cloud had. 

Cloud had at least two games on Nintendo Systems.

Solid announcements tbh. Seems like Switch will be getting a nice array of 3rd party games. That's adding to Doom eternal, Yokai, DQXI and I'm sure we're gonna get much more.

*reads thread title*
*looks at list of announcements*

I see, we have very different definitions.

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Eh, it was okay, wouldnt say it was that good.


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For a second I thought Batman's Joker was in the game... Which would have been somewhat upsetting.

At any rate it's ok. Ultimate Alliance was a big surprise since I thought that franchise was dead and gone. I'm actually not too keen on it being Switch only. I think the Switch may be the ideal platform for it, just because of the joycons. I can see myself popping them off for impromptu multiplayer sessions on the go. However, if the franchise is actually going to continue, I think it needs a bigger base.

Oh and hopefully it doesn't suck like Alliance 2 did...

Pagan said:

Love it how Smash Players cant read Numbers. How many Smash Sold on Wii or GC? How many People have bought the consoles? How many People Just simply dont Care for a fighting Game? Calculate and you will Understand that alot, i mean alot of People doesnt give a xxxx about Smash. Smash Players cant Imagine that they are People Out There WHO simply Not only dont Like Smash but hate it because its taking Always the complete Attention from Nintendo that year its comming Out. That means for us non Smash Players, that the Release year of Smash is completely dead for us. Every direct, every E3 every VGA will be Not for us. We are Just watching Like idiots while you Guys are hyped.

The same can be said about any game on any console though, so what is your point?

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BasilZero said:
Eh, it was okay, wouldnt say it was that good.

Agreed.  The Marvel announcement was a great addition, but outside of that there was not much else I personally was super excited for.  Although Joker being added to Smash does raise questions about a potential game reveal in a near future direct, but without confirmation it does little to make it stand out beyond being just a thought.

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Was the announcement for MUA3 for Switch the reason the previous ones got delisted? Or was it just a licensing thing?

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Nautilus said:

I mean, they killed it on the show, either because of games/IPs they own or not.


Switch 2019 just got a fucking alot of better:

Sayonara Wild Hearts  (small indie game)

Ultimate Allience 3

Crash Team Racing

Mortal Kombat 11

Joker on Smash (kinda cool)

And Im sure Im forgetting one or two.And thats on top of everything else that was already announce for Switch in 2019.
This thread is not to shit on the other consoles, but just to point out that the Switch is doing extremely well, library wise at least.

Apart from Joker on Smash, all those are multiplats right?
So yeah it got better, but.... theyre also on the PS4/XB1.

Not sure how thats sh*tting on other consoles, or why you need to mention your not trying to do that.
Switch library is fine, still falling behinde by huge amounts though in terms of 3rd party.