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Nautilus said:

I mean, they killed it on the show, either because of games/IPs they own or not.


Switch 2019 just got a fucking alot of better:

Sayonara Wild Hearts  (small indie game)

Ultimate Allience 3

Crash Team Racing

Mortal Kombat 11

Joker on Smash (kinda cool)

And Im sure Im forgetting one or two.And thats on top of everything else that was already announce for Switch in 2019.
This thread is not to shit on the other consoles, but just to point out that the Switch is doing extremely well, library wise at least.

Apart from Joker on Smash, all those are multiplats right?
So yeah it got better, but.... theyre also on the PS4/XB1.

Not sure how thats sh*tting on other consoles, or why you need to mention your not trying to do that.
Switch library is fine, still falling behinde by huge amounts though in terms of 3rd party.