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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 10 November 2018

PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
101,536 161,112 16,155 334,180
83,653 65,073 53,953 233,303
73,330 46,032 425 139,886
24,201 25,388 6,187 61,014
46 195 1,826 2,185



PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
109,536 183,112 16,155 367,180
92,753 67,073 53,953 244,403
80,330 53,432 425 155,786
24,201 25,388 6,187 61,014
46 195 1,826 2,185
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I can't see numbers :(

PS4 should be well over 100 million units sold by this time next year, and should be over 1,000,000,000 games sold by then as well. Such a phenomenal success - that's why I don't think they'll be hard pressed to release PS5. I think Holidays 2020 would be the earliest they release it.

pastro243 said:
I can't see numbers :(

Because they aren't posted yet. :P


Well, PS4 ahead in USA first week of November. That already goes very much against what Benji said.

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Switch is still 35.000 behind the same week of 2017... Unless they make 700.000 next week with Pokemon, the final 20M seems more and more impossible.

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They are now though lol! PS4 with another great week! It is interesting to see it yet again ahead in NA by a significant amount at that while our tool shows the opposite. I know NA is more than just the US but still interesting none the less. It just goes to show how crazy sales get around the Holiday time. None the less great sales for the PS4, the Nin Switch doing very well and the XB1 is just chugging along!

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EuropeSonyLand. Biggest market. Biggest victory.

Damn ps4 and xbone are down massively yoy this week. Ps4 down by over 300k and xbone down over 600k. This November is going to be down severely on last year.

Great NA Sony numbers, EU is no surprise, they own EU and its never a contest, big week with 300k. Switch looking better WW

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