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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the Dumbest Reason You Ever Bought a Game?

steam sales lol, probably will never play any of them.

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I bought Dark Souls Remastered because I was at EB Games and didn't want to leave without buying something because I felt that if I did, I would look pretty sketchy...

Huh, I have potentially bought a couple thousand games in my life. I just buy anything that seems remotely interesting, especially if its on sale.

I guess the dumbest purchases would be a game I already own and just forgot. But I buy most games digitally now so that's a difficult mistake to make.

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That one time I bought that game because I thought it would be fun. But it wasn't.

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Cuz one of my good friends in my hometown convinced me to buy Pokken to play it with him. Luckly, I got it while it was on sale but yeah, it's not a game I enjoy particularly and I ended up playing it with my friend only once ...

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Cyran said:
NES - Back to the Future. The only good thing about the game I can say is it taught me a valuable lesson as a child which is loving a movie is a really dumb reason to buy a video that shares it name.

That game was truly awful! It controls like shit and everything kills you!

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I bought Asterisk War Phoenix Festa on the PS Vita because we had just moved, and none of our stuff was going to arrive until another two weeks. Internet also won't be installed for another week, so I thought the game could keep me company. Oh boy was I wrong..... game's barely 2 hours long. Should have bought food with that $40.

For the sole reason that it is an exclusive for a console I prefered at the time. I did this for PS3, PS4, and even once for Switch. Not that they are bad games, just a bit of hindsight realizing that the game might not even cater to what I look for in most games.

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I bought dozens of games just to test some new hardware I got at the time. Like Battlefield 1 on PC. I already had that on PS4 and didn't even play it. But I wanted a game with shiny graphics. It's dumb, but I guess I will keep doing it whenever I get a new graphics card or something.

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