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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the Dumbest Reason You Ever Bought a Game?

Super_Boom said:
I bought Sonic Forces just to annoy a friend. Nice use of money.

RIP Jay the Boom


On topic, Soul Calibur Legends, I only wanted that game because Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia was a playable character.

Sometimes I get some games on Steam just because they have gay characters.

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I bought Undertale because it bugged me that I still had €5 left on Steam.

To play at the same time as everyone else when game first comes out.

Thankfully, I dont buy games day 1 anymore. My wallet has thanked me for that.


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I'm almost positive that nobody will have a dumber reason.

I really liked Mario Galaxy and was dying to play it. I looked all over for my copy, but couldn't find it. After looking for literally hours, I went to Gamestop to buy a used copy of Galaxy.

The original copy was in the case where I keep all my games. But, I put it in upside down, and missed it, despite looking through the case at least 4 times.

Thankfully, I found the game within the return period and exchanged it for credit. Still, probably the dumbest reason ever to buy a game.

I bought the first God of War because the box art looked good.Great decision in the end.

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I buy $5 games all the time for dumb reasons. But still it is just $5.

Well,I bought some really bad games that I knew it were bad just because they were on sale,I bought games I barely played just to support some devs and I bought a game just to see if a online store was trustworthy.

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