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I just bought because it was cheap and everybody was saying that it was brilliant, but it didn't look like my cup of tea. loved it.

God bless You.

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I also didn't think I'd like F-Zero because of the "If your energy meter empties all the way your car will explode.", seemed a little off-putting for a racing game.

Now I've been clamoring and begging for a new F-Zero for years.

Celeste. When I first saw it, I was like "Oh, another overhyped retro indie platformer," and put it out of my mind. Fast forward to this summer, and I heard a couple bangers from the soundtrack in someone's Fortnite video. I then figured, hey it's cheap, so I'll give it a shot. Turns out, this game really stands out in the vibe it gives off, and it's not really jumping on the throwback train nearly as much as I thought. The artstyle is very cute and squishy, the story is very heartwarming, the gameplay is hard, but addicting, and that soundtrack... Holy hell, I might've nominated this game for GOTY based on soundtrack alone if I could (and no, it's not that chiptune-heavy).

But yeah, more than 80 hours in, and I've been having a blast. The game's physics are so fun to work with that I've even started to learn speedrunning this game and getting golden strawberries. I'm shocked at how much time I put in, considering I had enough of the NES revival by the time Megaman 10 rolled around, but this game found a way to get to me.

I had played through The Walking Dead Season 1 and wasn't super impressed. Then I for whatever reason tried out Life Is Strange, another game where making decisions and seeing how they affect the game is a central part, and kinda expected to like it as much as The Walking Dead at the very best. But after chapter 1 I was in love, which says a lot about the game as games with a huge focus on story and dialogue often fail to hook me.

Another one I did my best to not even like was Final Fantasy XII. I had really gotten into the series and here comes the next entry, and it's...*barf*...different. The gameplay wasn't the same, the characters looked stupid. Then I played it and, well, really enjoyed it. Not even the Gambit system and having the AI control your party members could convince me to hate on it.

Tales of Phantasia. I was like 12 or so, saw it in a store for GBA, and was vaguely curious about it, but figured it was going to be some cheesy low quality game. I had no idea about the series' pedigree. My mom saw that I was staring at it and falsely assumed I was interested in it, and got it as a surprise. I certainly didn't expect it as she never does that because she usually gets bad games, but I was surprised and acted happy and grateful too. I was grateful actually, since I had nothing to play at the time and this allowed me to satisfy my curiosity for free. I was absolutely shocked at how good it was. Maybe it was that I was 12 and had only played a dozen or so RPGs at that point, but the twists surprised me and I got attached to the world and characters. I became an instant fan of the Tales of series and feel silly for ever doubting it, but to be fair I was a kid and there wasn't much internet at the time so it's understandable.

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Keybladewielder said:

I wanted to see what was the big deal about this game and I thought the first-person perspective would make me feel dizzy...but the game completely blowed me away.

The quality that that has, the level design that that has, the atmosphere that that has, the environmental story-telling that that has  

Oh shit, I forgot this was basically my introduction to Metroid! My dad introduced me to it and I doubted it because it was an FPS and had heard nothing about Metroid before or any of the buzz about Prime. I'll never doubt his taste in games again, as it went on to become one of my top 10 favorite games and Metroid became one of my favorite series.

I've been at this for a while, and could probably site a better example, but I'm gonna be lazy..



and go with a recent game: Rogue Legacy. Still need to go for the nasty plat. Maybe.


Oooo. Alien Front Online, Dreamcast. Blew my expectations out of the water.

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CaptainExplosion said:

vivster said:
Why would I play things that I don't expect to enjoy?

You never know if you don't try new things.

But what if all my time is spent trying out new things I know I will love?

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A friend gave be final fantasy tactics because he had two copies. The first time I played it, I fell asleep.

I've played thru it half a dozen times, now. In fact, I may dust it off and play it again!

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I only buy games when I think I'll love them.