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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games You Love But Didn't Think You Would?

Overwatch. Since it was a first person shooter, I thought I wouldn't get into it. The beta went by and I had no intention of playing it, then I saw my brother and some friends were playing it a lot. I gave in and bought the game, 2 and a half years and 600 hours of playtime later, I'm still hooked.

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
This is always a nice surprise, and far better the the opposite :P

The first Killzone comes to mind. I actually played it just to get ready for 2, which was critically acclaimed. I ended up loving the poorly rated one.

remember the level with the cherry blossom trees :D

Fire Emblem, I guess.

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Final Fantasy 8. JRPG's were never my thing... And that title along with Lufia 2 are the only JRPG's I have ever completed.

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Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. I'm completely hooked. I'm stuck on the final mission because my party ist too small, so I'm currently replaying the entire game just to have some more tanks, and I'm loving it so much. I'm totally addicted! Now I want to play the other two episodes of Fates as well and I already bought Fire Emblem: Echoes.

Other examples would be AssCreed IV and Mario+Rabbids. I rented them from my brother and expected nothing good, but I actually enjoyed both quite a lot.

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Mass effect... I dont waiting nothing but an space normal game and then... Top 5 of my favorite sagas!

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I wanted to see what was the big deal about this game and I thought the first-person perspective would make me feel dizzy...but the game completely blowed me away.

The quality that that has, the level design that that has, the atmosphere that that has, the environmental story-telling that that has  

Super_Boom said:

This is pretty interesting, I saw the trailer and thought the graphics looked pretty lame, but I thought the in-town part with Historia looked really nice. Is there a relationship or community system in the game? What kind of flaws does it have? I enjoy the manga/anime and so I can probably forgive some flaws if the fanservice is nice.

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Definitely Mario + Rabbids for me, I remember thinking "WTF is this?!" when the first trailer was shown. Turned out to be one of my faves on the Switch