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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What was the last Wii game you bought?

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (Rhythm Heaven Fever for you folks at US) on 2012. Amazing game, as usual. I still play some minigames from time to time. This series never disappoints.

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Mar1217 said:
GoOnKid said:

Kirby's Adventure Wii in spring 2018.

*Heavy breathing* Plz, don't use the horrendous PAL's title version.

Yes, it's the PAL version. Hope you're okay.

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Xenoblade Chronicles, man that was one hell of a Swan Song.

Pandora's Tower. I actually bought it twice because I immediately lost it after I purchased it. And to this day I barely even played it lol. I should though, it looks like a really cool game.

Appropriately, the last Wii game I bought was The Last Story.

I think it came out in February or March 2012 in Europe. I got the Limited Edition for £35, which was great value for money. I quite enjoyed it - strong localisation, good soundtrack, mostly interesting plot and characters, excellent combat. Let down by pacing (the middle is so slow), some uneven and under-developed narrative elements, and a washed-out palette, visually; probably a result of hardware limitations.

That being said, it's a game I have a soft spot for. A director's cut on Switch would be nice.

EDIT: The last Wii game I played was Xenoblade Chronicles, which I played and completed in the autumn of 2012, as I finished my Master's degree. I'd had the copy since launch, but it launched as I started the MA degree (and suffered some health problems which were only resolved the following year).

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Going by wikipedia info, Pandora's Tower.

Probably Pandora's Tower by release date. That was spring 2012, probably April.

The last Wii game I bought was in spring 2014, either Lost in Shadows or a Phineas & Ferb game.

EDIT: After looking at the OP again, I bought Project Zero 2 as well. Plus Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise was new around the same time.

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Pandora's Tower when it was released, in April 2013 according to Wiki.

GoOnKid said:
Mar1217 said:

*Heavy breathing* Plz, don't use the horrendous PAL's title version.

Yes, it's the PAL version. Hope you're okay.

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I think it was Xenoblade Chronicles, since I live in the US.