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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony will not be at E3 2019 for the first time!!!

Ineresting. What are they up to i wonder? Are they up to anything...

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But why ?

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Errorist76 said:

Wow..if that’s true it’ll give even more fuel for possible PS5 announcements in 2019, with a spring 2019 reveal at a separate event.
What else could be the cause for this? So they won’t even have games to try out at E3?

Imho this clearly hints at a new, separate event. Most likely for PS’s 25th anniversary next year.

This has to be the most bizarre conclusion one can arrive at from this news.

If aything this means its 110% confirmed that PS5 will not be coming in 2019 and practically a loc for 2020.

I can see sony having a very quiet year in 2019 and just focusing on price cuts and deals then early 2020 after over a whole year of media silence they show they start the PS5 hype train. 

Makes sense, they don't have anything else to show. They cant show up with the flute guy and the same trailers for the same games as the last two years,so skipping E3 makes 100% complete sense for Sony. Just release PR and video updates or even your own digital event for games releasing in 2019. Then return to E3 with ps5, boom,done.

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What a laugh. Pretty sad to see the spiral that Sony seems to be content going down. What is this company.


Microsoft currently in an all hands meeting to amp up their E3. How do you miss the biggest event in videos games....

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jason1637 said:
Rêveur said:
I think people who see the PS5 release as being as far off as end of 2020 are just crazy. That's over two years from now. What do you expect Sony to do for the next year and a half, just keep showing new trailers of years-old announced PS4 games? While Microsoft and Nintendo continue having events and announcing new stuff, you just expect Sony to sit back with some vague promise of a future PS5 announcement for the next two years?

At the latest, the PS5 should be unveiled during summer 2019 for a release either holiday 2019 or early 2020. I'm still hoping they'll opt for late 2019.

Yes this is what will probably happen. If Sony wanted to reveal the PS5 this year they would have done it at E3. 

PS4 was revealed at their own event outside of E3 so why would PS5 be locked in to be revealed at an E3?

Kinda strange. But understandable. It looks like PS4 already peaked so no need to waste resources on its promotion anymore. Focusing on PS5 instead is a way better strategy at this point. I expect that they will have PSX next year though.

P.S. I disagree with the claims that E3 is irrelevant. I think they had their best year ever and the attendance grows every year, so E3 will only get bigger.


Madword said:
I think there is some short sighted thinking here on VG... over at resetera a few of us are thinking why this might be the case.

Early 2020 (march) launch for Ps5, why do E3, too early for talk about PS5...some negativity of course but its the end of the PS4/Xbox gen whatever MS shows wont impact this gen's sales (especially if a new console is then out by the next E3). Sony will have a show in September to talk about PS5.

No point going to E3 to talk about PS4 games that everyone already knows about, people will be people and just moan.



February 2019 PS5 event similarly to PS4 first event. Talk features specs, innovation. A couple game trailers even. The Reboot PSX with PS5 full reveal September through December time frame. Launch March 2020 due to chip shortages as rumored. And if it's PSX or whatever I umagima it'll be at most 2 hours long. I could still be wrong. Just my thoughts.

It's a very big and bold move from Sony to do something like this and leave all the media attention to its rivals. But Sony is big enough to know what they'r doing... hopefully.

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