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Will game consoles stop using physical media next gen?

Yes 9 8.11%
No 102 91.89%

No. But it won't surprise me if there are two SKUs offered. One with a disc drive and one without but with a bigger hard drive.

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melbye said:
CaptainExplosion said:


Cause i'd like to pay less for games and being a monopoly on selling them gives them less incentive to cut those prices?

Good points.

PortisheadBiscuit said:
Next gen is way too close for this to happen just yet

I thought this gen was the 9nth gen started by the Switch.

John2290 said:

They could still sell game hardware and controllers though, right.

Bit that's what I mean, will they want to when they see such a massive loss of revenue from software which is where the money is. Will we see hikes in hardware cost? Will the big three have to take a hit and pay retailers for larger display areas. Will it be a boom for mom and pops shops? Will most people buy online from Amazon like stores? And with hardware having less display space in this eventuality what will it mean for sales? What will it mean for competition among the big three? Hell, no one knows but it'll be interesting seeing it play out. 

I never thought of it that way.

Well if any of the big 3 decide to do it, then they better start working on their next console. Because that aint selling much.

We won't see physical media disappear next gen, but we'll see a whole lot more of things like half the game not being on disc. A good example of this happening already is Spyro. EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and WB will all do that with their games next gen.

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Physical is not gong anywhere for a long time. It will eventually become a niche market with a higher price tag, but it won't be discontinued anytime soon. If physical media was gong to die, we would have already seen the end of Books, Newspapers, Music, and Movies. The shelf space and demand have shrunk, but it is not dead. As time goes on less and less games will get physical releases, but it will shrink for decade until it reaches a low bar as a niche media, then it will level out.

Next gen will most likely launch with devices that support physical media but options for non PM consoles should pop up over then generation. With PS Now and Game Pass more and more gamers will go to the Netflix business model for their gaming. More people will buy digital for the enhanced value, as platforms expand to more form factors. I think we will leave this gen with PS4/XBO at around 55% digital. Next gen will start off above 50% physical due to early core gamers/collectors adopting first, but will quickly jump to 60 & 70% as the broader market joins the next round.

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Noo,and when it happens i will stop buying new games,iam not going to spend thousands to buy a licennce of a game they can easily withdraw.


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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
S.Peelman said:
Probably not. Luckily, because if publishers don’t want me to buy and own a game, I guess I won’t be buying and owning games then.

How dare publishers want more money for the game they published! Ergghhh! 

Why would I care how much money they make? If they want more, they could also charge more.

xl-klaudkil said:
Noo,and when it happens i will stop buying new games,iam not going to spend thousands to buy a licennce of a game they can easily withdraw.

And this. Though ‘thousands’ would be ‘hundreds’ in my case I guess.

I'd say they purposely push streaming where they can in a certain way.

Don't have good enough internet, and won't for decades? Love your physical library? Here's your typical home console with all the fixins for $399-$499. Your welcome.

Don't like having to pay for a disc drive you'll never use because your always buying digital? Don't like having to pay extra for internal storage that you need to swap out immediately due to those digital games, so you can add a much much larger internal or external drive anyway? Then you probably already have, or could have good enough internet to stream. Here's a $199-$299 streaming console. Your welcome.

Errorist76 said:

No chance, but it’s possible there will be different versions of consoles...with and a cheaper one without a disk drive.

Game sizes will regularly be over 100GB, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll drop discs completely, since there are way too many cases where people would have problems because of that, be it data caps or download speeds.

But haven't they already addressed that as you can download most of the game before it launches? I know they do that with some games, but it'd be easy to have all publishers do that.