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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your favourite game with a Meta below 75, and why

Probably Fire Emblem Warriors. Honestly it's a game that really shouldn't be where it is, but its score got tanked hard by a couple of reviews written by people who essentially state up front that they don't even like Warriors games.

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Marth said:
Gothic 3 for me.
I completely understand why its MC is as low as it is ( at 63 from 39 critics).
At release it was a really buggy and rushed game and the official patches did little to improve that.
Problems between developer PiranhaBytes and publisher JoWood caused the game to release in a unfinished state. Main story and performance lackluster, animations were robotic and so on.

The game itself was quite ambitious. It was PiranhaBytes biggest game by far with 3 huge areas, lots of towns and quests and stuff to do and explore.
And while playing it for the first time (without any patches) I experienced a lot of bugs and problems.

But I didn't care in the grand scheme because I fell in love with the world and my character and my playthrough.
I played this game for hours and hours. It is not a perfect RPG by any means but it was my kind of RPG.
I could loot/steal everything I wanted. Helped factions, sabotaged the rest. Decimated the wildlife for more loot and just loved being in this world.

To this day this game has a very special place in my heart.

Yeah, Gothic 3 immediately popped to my mind as well - one of my all time favourites that was really broken when it launched, yet I've enjoyed it thoroughly even in that shape. I can't really think of any other game that has so much difference between quality of actual game and its Meta (which is, generally, horseshit at showing how good any game actually is anyway).

Legend of Dragoon for me aswell. How it got 74 on metacritic is beyond me.

NieR, which has a metacritic of 68. One of my favourite game during PS3 era.

LoD, but you can include games up to 100 there and it won't change.

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KLAMarine said:

PS2's KillZone. Definitely flawed game but damn! So many little things in it that makes it an all-time favorite of mine!

Dude you rock! I really love this game. I wish the sequels hadn’t walked away from what made it unique.

Gothic 3 or Hogs of War come to my mind but there are so many more.

Ar tonelico 1 + 2 , Atelier Iris 1 + 2 + 3 , Mana Khemia 1 + 2

On the PS2 are all just below the 75 mark on metacritic.... and heavily under valued / rated I feel like.

Now that I think about it.... not just on the PS2.... lateron games from Atelier series dont get great scores, but their all amasing games.

Legend of Dragoon as others have mentioned stands out by alot though.
That game is heavily underrated on metacritic without a doubt.


Its as if metacritic doesnt give JRPGs a fair shake imo.
Alot of them dont get the scores they should get, I think.

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Driveclub. It was a solid racing game with absolutely gorgeous visuals.

Resident Evil 5 on PS3 recieved an 84 while the PS4 version recieved a 69 *giggity* Some 'reviewers' are just plain weird. What did they expect out of a PS3 port? lol

I've played both versions and I didnt notice anything difference at all, and if there was something then it mustve been something very minor that even I dont remember. Still one of the best local coop experience i've played to this day.