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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your favourite game with a Meta below 75, and why

This gen would be Tales of Zesteria. I loved this game from start to finish.

Last gen would be XEdge, a JRPG with many flaws, but a very deep combat system and interesting plot for a crossover game.

PS2 era...Orphan Scion of Sorcery...I don't know how...I don't know why...but this game was a guilty pleasure of mine back in the day and therefore had to be mentioned.

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Tag. Will edit later. Watching UFC 230. Another $100 night in front of the TV. I have a few picks. Off the top of my head. Hyperdimension Neptunia: Re:Birth on Vita. Loooved it. In spite of it's faults.


Too many to list, most recent Kirby Star Allies, one of my favorite Kirby games, due to its great pacing and story, plus the new take on elemental power ups to the abilities, overall just another excellent Kirby game. And due to its updates just an insane amount of fanservice done extremely well.

Also copy paste Boom's comment on Xillia 2 and I add Zestiria and Legendia to that.

Star Fox Assault and Zero as well. 

Mine is easily Resonance of Fate with a score of 74 on Xbox 360. It has the most fun and unique battle system I've ever played.

An easy question to answer as my #4 game is Digimon World (and other digimon games) which gets very low review scores. Its a game with pretty innovative gameplay and one of the best monster raising games.

For a bit more modern example is my #6 game Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX. One of the best army simulator games, even with multiple flaws that need to be set up. In fact I didn't like this game at all compared to the others in the series. But when I played it for more than 50+ hours , the game really opened up to me and I realised just how fun it could be.

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I loved the gameplay and the story kept me entertained until the end.  And the way she moved and the way she sucked on her enemies was extremely erotic.

I guess most recently, my award would go to Kirby Star Allies. It has everything that is fine about a Kirby game with a new twist to the gameplay + excellent coop. The rehashed excuses of "The game's too easy" that is perpuating with the series makes me sick even when the games do have legit challenges with the arena mode etc ... not every game is there to beat up your ass à la Dark Souls (ugh ..). Although, obviously not beyond criticism, I think it should have been at least scalled on the same score as Return to Dreamland (76)

As for other games ... I think I might have to search deeper inmy librairy cuz I don't I actually fully played games with score lower/equal than 75.

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PS2's KillZone. Definitely flawed game but damn! So many little things in it that makes it an all-time favorite of mine!

chakkra said:


I loved the gameplay and the story kept me entertained until the end.  And the way she moved and the way she sucked on her enemies was extremely erotic.

That was an awesome game.  It was witty and interesting and unique.  It had some great mechanics, like draining an enemy and using them as a shield, or picking up enemy weapons and using them until they were out of bullets.  The powers were ahead of their time, too.  I definitely consider it a classic.

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