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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony disappointing service: time to change my lead platform?

Buying micro-transactions? Yuck.

This is a difficult one because if you've been a Playstation fan a long time, you're probably too used to platform quirks you can't get anywhere else (Naughty Dog games, Japanese exclusives, etc.). Also, I have to ask: How many multiplayer games do you still play on PS4 or play regularly? Because if the answer is only like 3, that wouldn't cover the expense to buy an entirely new platform ... so I fail to see the logic. You could get a Switch but with how the release schedule can sometimes be barren or the game releases niche, I don't think it would become your "main platform". It's a worthy investment, but not on the basis of switching lead platforms or quitting Sony.

Personally I find all platforms disappointing in their own ways, I'm not very attached to one, so when the PS5/Xbox 2 come out it won't be hard for me to change lead platforms if I feel the need to.

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BraLoD said:
Acevil said:

Not in this generation, they are doing the opposite of Sony, namely in Japan. They are allowing everything, which is surprising. Action speak louder than words, and right now Nintendo is allowing Japan to be Japan, something Sony isn't.

Not saying they are not improving, tho.

Nintendo only censor games that they own or publish, they also don't censor any game in Japan, Fire Emblem is Nintendo IP. Not to mention, Nintendo never censor any game in Japan but Sony? They do more than that, censor JP games in JP, force JP companies to reply everything in English and remove all adult content in every game. That is a completely new level compared to Nintendo in the past

Why so many different fonts in the OP? Seems like you're kinda wishy-washy and you'll probably change your lead platform once more if your font selection is any indication.

super_etecoon said:
Why so many different fonts in the OP? Seems like you're kinda wishy-washy and you'll probably change your lead platform once more if your font selection is any indication.

Didn't change any font. The formatting of the OP was fine when I did it, and I even edited a while later, it was still fine. No idea what happened since then. Instead of attacking me, you could just think about the fact that sometimes OP's formatting has some bugs here.


And it's fine again. I clicked Edit, didn't change anything because everything was fine on the edit screen, validated, and it's back to normal. You're right, I'm very wishy-washy. Any other worthwhile opinion about the subject? 

Well, it's slightly better than when I moved continents. All my PAL games were instantly useless. I had to leave all consoles and games behind as well as my region locked movies. And to play WoW together with my UK friends I had to ship them an American bought physical copy so they could play with us. (or it was Everquest 2, don't remember)

Region locks suck and it's still an issue. There are plenty European movies I would like to import on blu-ray, yet they won't play here. Imported games at least work yet since I never buy DLC and hardly play online I luckily haven't run into this issue. It is rather annoying with GT Sport that I get matched against South Americans with a lot more lag than Europeans. (I'm in Canada) There are also way more Europeans playing than North Americans. (62% of the player base is in Europe, 20% in the Americas) So I'm forced to endure worse match making with more lag. I can make a European account of course, yet that would mean starting over. Plus sine my pro is not my primary console, so it would not work anyway. You can only play online with alt accounts on the primary or you need another ps+ account. (My kids use the primary)

I also ran into an issue with the accounts my kids use for Fortnite. I wanted to give them an allowance to buy the battle pass once yet that was not possible as when I originally created the accounts I used my own birth date. My kids simply started using my alt accounts as their own and you can't change the personal details, which means it can't be a child account, so no sharing. I entered my credit card on their account and deleted it again right after, so much hassle.

When I grew up, you simply had multiple character save slots and played split screen co-op, any expansion would work for all players. This whole account stuff is annoying. I only needed one copy of half-life, Age of Empires and Unreal Tournament to play with 4 players in lan. Now it's tied to accounts everyone needs their own copy.

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If customer service is at all important to you, PlayStation probably shouldn't be your main platform.

Sony is smart to put as much money and effort as they do into their 1st party games because without them, they would offer absolutely nothing over the competition.

A PC/Switch Combo (or even an X1X/Switch if you don't like PC) gets you 99%+ of whats already on PlayStation, plus SO much more.

Acevil said:
BraLoD said:

Not saying they are not improving, tho.

The only example you listed there that reflect what I was talking about is the eshop cover art. Since I stated about censorship in Japan not censorship of things coming out of Japan. Which is nothing compared to what Sony is doing in comparisons.

I never compared both, I only said Nintendo is a very conservative company if censorship was an actual concern.

You quoted me to say "not in this generation" aside of pointing about Japan, so I provided one example for each of their platforms this gen (3DS, Wii U and Switch).

Again, I never compared both, and even said I don't agree with any kind of censorship.

This reminds me of another thread. :)

Sony are definitly testing the waters with how far they can push anti-consumer practices. I think it is definitly a good time to send a little message their way that this crap is not going to cut it going forward. That is why I recently switched all of my 3rd party gaming and movie purchases to Xbox. I still support Sony 1st party and PSVR, but I'm not going to give them royalties for 3rd party games if they are not going to offer a consumer freindly expereince.

I don't know how to fix the region locking issues. Since very few people deal with this, it is not going to get nlown up on Social Media like Cross Play and PS Now downloads. The best you can do is just take away the funding you provide. If enough people call them out for different reasons, then they will have to change their policies.

Good luck moving forward. I hope you can find a path forward that makes you and these companies better!

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In hindsight, I appreciate how transparent Ms were with the launch of the xbox one. (thought I still disagree with things they were trying to do, second hand games being one). Even if they back peddled. At least they were upfront and didn't boil you slowly like a lobster while pretending to be your friend.

I wonder if that differs from game to game? Because I remember Street Fighter 4 being like that. When I moved to Japan a while back, I made a new Jp account to play SF4 online. Not because I assumed matchmaking would be based on the account region, but just so that the people I get matched up with see the Japanese flag and realize where I am.
But then later when I moved back home, I continued to use that Jp account because I had a high rank on it. That's when I noticed that I kept getting matched up against people with a Japanese flag. At first I thought they were like me. Local people, but with a Jp account. But as I kept playing, that did not seem to be the case as they were pretty much always 1 bar connections.

On the other hand, when I used that same Jp account to play Tekken Tag 2, I got really good connections, so I kept using it as my main account. But that's the same company (Bandai Namco) that made Soul Calibur 6, so I'm not sure what to think of that.

Regarding you not getting a refund for your purchase, that's really messed up. Have you tried asking to speak to a manager or some senior employee? Some times you can get completely different outcomes depending on who you talk to. it's possible the person you spoke to didn't quite fully understand your situation, and perhaps thought you could use those items on your Jp account, but that you then wanted to transfer them to your other account, etc.
I would try the refund again, because its seems like an obvious refund situation.