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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 Black Friday deal leaked

Basically $139 for the system + $60 for the game.

Damn, that's the definition of "steal" right there.

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KBG29 said:
PS4 + Game, and Sony very likely still turning a profit. Crazy time for SIE. PS4 is by far the biggest product in company history.

Please. The walkman sold about half a billion units.

Excellent deal just like last year for sure.
Although, this will just alienate Spiderman sales number now just like it did with Uncharted.

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Oh damn. If that's not something I need to wake up at 2 am for and drive somewhere and can just order online then I'll actually pick up a PS4 for that price.

Good deal, I'm more interested in what deals they'll have for the PS4 Pro though.

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This will be like last year. Sold out in the first few hours.

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A 200 dollar ps4 will be huge if stocked correctly,unlike last year.


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199 and the biggest exclusive they've ever had?

Gonna be ridiculous.


That's gonna be an omega level deal! I can feel the rumblings already.

How much is the ps4 usually?