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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Game Developer Tournament - Round 3


Favourite Game Developer Tournament - Round 3

FromSoftware 274 47.00%
Blizzard Entertainment 115 19.73%
Gust 12 2.06%
Creative Assembly 16 2.74%
Lionhead Studios 11 1.89%
WayForward Technologies 21 3.60%
Playground Games 26 4.46%
Obsidian Entertainment 42 7.20%
Playdead 11 1.89%
Next Level Games 55 9.43%
Machina said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Thank god Monolith Soft is not moving to the next round ...

As for this round, From Software.

I expect them to make it through the bonus round.

Eh, fair enough I guess.

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Bloodborne is currently #1 on my top 10 favorite games. Plus in the last decade from software has made 4 amazing games, 1 good(ds2) game, and have an upcoming game that looks pretty solid as well, this is not even a contest. Blizzard has gone to shit after they became filthy rich with WOW and joined Activision.

The easiest one yet. Went with FromSoftware. I have quite a few Gust games, but have yet to play one. Some solid choices again tho.

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Blizzard Entertainement all the way! Still as great as ever! Screw the haters!

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From Software, for me.

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Interesting round. Obsidian for me, but From and Blizzard are also good choices.

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Gust, love Atelier.

I'll go Next Level Games, there work with the Mario Soccer games is amazing.


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