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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X currently NOT in development

Good. A new console needs new games, not full priced ports of old games.

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I already own it on WiiU. Would rather have XC3 or X2 personally.

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curl-6 said:

Good. Switch is already oversaturated with ancient ports, more so than any system I can ever recall. New games please.

From Monolith Soft? Hope you're ready to wait 2-3 years. Sure would be nice to have a Wii U port to play instead of nothing in the intervening time.

That OTP tho, author of culture *paw bumps Boom*


I can continue my second playthrough of X in peace. 3 years after X and whatever more time it takes to develop another title, I would be annoyed if it was just a port, specially with X ending the way it did.

The real question is: Will there be a sequel to X?

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It's a game that could really benefit from a lot of quality of life improvements - especially since the WiiU Gamepad had a lot of the map info.

Streamline the quest system.

Make the text bigger.

Replicating the resource management into the Nintendo Switch Online app would be cool. Along with all the other Miiverse features XCX had.

It's a game they could still add more content too I think in a port.

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killeryoshis said:
Porting Xenoblade X onto the Switch will destroy all my free time. I prefer for that not to happen. Also, Xenoblade 1 needs a drastic remaster. That game feels like it could use a major facelift. Do that before Xenoblade X.
(I hope they do it at an empty time)

They need to remake it, XB1 graphics is unacceptable for a Switch game and that take at least a few years.

padib said:
curl-6 said:

The alternative would be to actually make new games instead of just reselling old rope. Or if you're going to port, port stuff that's coming out now or at least recently, not shit that came out years ago.

Nintendo always did this to be completely honest, especially on their most succesful consoles (portables). The time spent making ports is not considerable and since the resources at Nintendo haven't shrunk and these ports are likely not hampering the creation  of new content, you can probably imagine that the time to create brand new games featured to the extent that people expect nowadays (BotW, Odysee) increased by a scale. To be honest, your choice is between having a few new games, or, having a few new games and lots of ports.


I think honestly a port of XBCX would have been good if they had the budget for it, but it looks like it wouldn't be profitable for them, esp. if it might risk eating up sales of XBC2. But I believe that these ports from WiiU to Switch are inexpensive all things relative.

Monolith won't make just a simple port.

That's a huge shame.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is, IMO, the best game developed by Monolithsoft to date (excluding Xenogears, which was proto-Monolithsoft), and has yet to be put on a proper platform.

It would also be an easy win for Monolithsoft branding and revenue to get some of their catalogue content on the Switch - especially if they could deal with Square and Namco to get Takahashi's old Xeno-games. Content without the cost of internal dev resources.

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HintHRO said:
Good. A new console needs new games, not full priced ports of old games.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe completely disproves this. Switch sales benefitted tremendously from that one game.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.