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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The 9th Annual Greatest Games Event - Sign Up Thread

I’m in! Thanks for taking over, mZuzek!

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I'm in.

RolStoppable said:
mZuzek said:

That's not really how this is supposed to go, but fine.

It's the most convenient method. Plus everything that helps to get more Nintendo games on the final list for the celebration event should be welcomed with opened arms.

And because of this method the results will suck. Why just don't make an honest list? This thread should be just 4 fun and not for competition.

Sounds fun, I'm in. I just hope I won't forget about it. Will the thread be pinned later or something? Or could just someone remember me when things get going? That would be great, thanks. =D

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Sending some love to Smeags and Blue, as well. Miss you guys, wherever you are!

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I'll sign in.

I'm in once again!

Signature goes here!

TruckOSaurus said:
I'm in once again!

Oh it’s on!

Let’s see if we can hit 40% overlap with our lists  

Count me in.

Put me in coach!

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