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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do You Own a VR Device?


Do You Own a VR Device?

Yes, and it's awesome 168 13.05%
Yes, it's alright 84 6.53%
Yes, but I regret it 43 3.34%
No, but I really want one 143 11.11%
No, but I'm considering it 243 18.88%
No, not interested at all 606 47.09%
OTBWY said:
Errorist76 said:

How much experience do you have? I’m always sad to read something like this, considering PSVR has already delivered some of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in my 36 years of gaming...and it’s only going to get better.

I tried it out many times. I liked Rez and SuperHot but for the rest.. It's just not there yet. And by that I mean VR as a whole, by which I count PSVR at the bottom since it was imo inferior to what I tried out with the Vive and the Rift.

Try Wipeout, Firewall or Astro Bot...some of the best and best looking games on all VR platforms.

Obviously a 2000 dollar PC can deliver more detailed graphics, but just as with normal consoles that’s not what makes the games. 

Ultrawings looks like a remastered N64 game but still manages to make you feel as free you were legitimately flying!

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I have a PSVR, though I haven't played it much yet, as it makes nauseous after 20 minutes or so. The motion is too much. Also freaks me out when my cat rubs against my legs when I'm in a spooky dungeon.

From what I played though, it was really good. Skyrim VR lets me finally slay dragons as a magic shota like I've always wanted.

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Errorist76 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Sounds like something that's holding back gaming then. 

Quit the flaming. It’s actually quite the’s the first legit step forward in gaming since vector graphics introduced the third dimension. Many publishers and developers are hesitant because it requires a considerable amount of work for them...they basically need to learn everything from zero again, because the old rules don’t apply the market is still very small and hard to advertise, which makes it risky from a business perspective. 

Luckily adoption rate (game sales per headset sold) are extraordinarily high...I've never bought as much software as I did for my more and more developers are warming up to it.

I never understood your kind of if VR would steal something from you, your hobby, your traditional way of gaming, when in reality it just adds another exciting prospect, the idea to finally BE in the game world or character instead of just watching it happen in front of your eyes.

...Quit the flaming? Really? 

It sounds like you're interpreting too much into it. I really don't think VR is holding gaming back as a whole. That's not what I meant. That wouldn't even make sense because all the money for software is going into non VR-projects right now. I'm just saying that it sounds like the limitations of VR are holding the games in that market back. I get the 2nd comment was written poorly, but you really don't need to take such a leap in logic. My first post explains it beautifully because it's so simple: I will adopt a VR headset when almost everything a traditional game can accomplish can be accomplished in VR. As of now, the exclusive experiences you can have in VR do not outweigh the cons for me. I'm sorry that's just how I feel.

Yes, got PSVR and its alright. We need more must have AAA games and better tech.

RolStoppable said:
Machina said:
Over the last couple of years I've shifted from the 'no, not interested' group to the 'no, but I'm considering it' group.

I'm waiting for two things mostly: 1) more must-have games that interest me, and 2) much lower price.

I've got a mild curiosity to experience VR, and already own a couple of normal games with well-reviewed VR modes (WipEout and GT Sport), but I'm more than happy to wait, possibly even for a new gen of tech.

My stance is that VR is no good until Nintendo does it.

Astro Bot is pretty much exactly how a Nintendo platformer in VR would be.

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Very little return for the price, but I do hope they continue supporting and improving it.

RolStoppable said:
Errorist76 said:

Astro Bot is pretty much exactly how a Nintendo platformer in VR would be.

...and the Darksiders series is what Zelda would be with a more mature tone.

Pretty much, yes...but ok, I get it. You’re just continuing to derail the conversation and your intention seems just to talk down VR without having some own experience. Got it, I’ll refrain to ignore you from now on in this thread.

Nope. Not getting sucked into it like it did with PS Move. Hated the controller then, don't care to use them for this gen. I'll wait until VR is simplified a bit or something.

No, but i want to. Sadly serious eye-impairments makes it impossible for me to use it

PSVR (8/10)
Oculus Go (8/10)

Love them both for different reasons.

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