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OTBWY said:
Errorist76 said:

How much experience do you have? I’m always sad to read something like this, considering PSVR has already delivered some of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in my 36 years of gaming...and it’s only going to get better.

I tried it out many times. I liked Rez and SuperHot but for the rest.. It's just not there yet. And by that I mean VR as a whole, by which I count PSVR at the bottom since it was imo inferior to what I tried out with the Vive and the Rift.

Try Wipeout, Firewall or Astro Bot...some of the best and best looking games on all VR platforms.

Obviously a 2000 dollar PC can deliver more detailed graphics, but just as with normal consoles that’s not what makes the games. 

Ultrawings looks like a remastered N64 game but still manages to make you feel as free you were legitimately flying!