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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do You Own a VR Device?


Do You Own a VR Device?

Yes, and it's awesome 168 13.05%
Yes, it's alright 84 6.53%
Yes, but I regret it 43 3.34%
No, but I really want one 143 11.11%
No, but I'm considering it 243 18.88%
No, not interested at all 606 47.09%
John2290 said:

Yeah. The last part was a jab but it's true, VR communites are honest and just really, really nice. No toxicity at all and the PCVR community has been showing overwhelming support for PSVR the last few weeks. 

Look, I just want this tech to succeed and I'm hoping to see a path for it to succeed as well as it can. Obviously it's not going to replace TV's or any of that nonsense but it's going to take a LOT longer to get anywhere on Mobile and PC alone. At least two of the console manufacturers need to start an arms race and hopefully oculus can cash in on that and bring the success to the two other markets, the reason I say MS will make all the difference is for this very reason, they are the only ones who with oculus can connect all markets and see the tech boom or prosper relatively quivkly over the next decade or two and to double down on what I said before, Mobile VR is too shit (3 degree's of freedom) or lacks the software for 6 degrees of freedom. Litterally less than a handful of games that can support 6DoF. There has the be a complete resurgence in the Mobile VR market and with so much money pumped in and it dying down it isn't going to happen anytime soon, another decade? Two? Three? And PC is too costly and they aren't reducing costs, In fact HTC has doubled down and raised cost for a premium device to recoup costs. Yes, it can survive here with enthusiast support but it will either stagnate or grow very, very slowly. 

All three markets have a chqnce but none will boom without the bridge of console VR gaming qnd hopefully a tech race between two of the giants. 

If Nintendo gets in, C'mon dude? You have to agree that's an easy 10 million HMD's at least, low estimates, of high quality (knowing nintendo) injected into the market in a short couple of years. 

Then if you wanted to get personal, you can always send a message or waste time duking out something so petty over discord.

You counted a small number of people, then decided to paint them as "all", when in reality it isn't even close to being "everyone", let alone "all". It's your opinion at the end of the day and your opinion wasn't written in stone a thousand years ago, that what you say "will" come to pass.

Funny, because I've been seeing the opposite over on other forums from the ones you read.


No, you want one piece of tech to succeed, rather than all of it. You want the path you've chosen to succeed, rather than all paths, and trying to boldly proclaim that all paths not chosen are "inferior" and  always will be by some strange definition of what has to succeed and what doesn't. You willingly ignore the most casual of casuals out there. You seem to think that PS4> the entirety of the mobile industry, let alone this fabled colossal, omega "comeback" from MS with their fabled VR device that will seemingly blow everyone away for years, without a fight.

The mobile industry like it or not, is the biggest one out there that makes the most money and has the most users to date. If you really wanted a path to succeed, you would toss away everything you like and put it into a perspective that reads the hard data and goes with it, rather than assuming another console will outright slaughter the billions of casuals out there in some majestic single blow. The mobile industry is an absolute Goliath John, it is not something so easily slain, so easily "put in it's place". it's made far, far more money than what Sony makes, let alone MS from their OS/Xbox division. 

Again, if you truly want a casual audience to adopt VR, you'll want the biggest and the most profitable one out there, which is the mobile industry, mobile VR, where you go places and even VR at home, which automatically trumps consoles that have to be hooked up to the wall, let alone a PC. Eventually Laptops will be more VR compatible as time goes on, adding to their side of portability. Sure, maybe there could be a chance of getting a PS1 mini LCD screen like the one from years ago for next gen, but then you'll be looking at multiple battery banks, being stuck to the car and having to lop around the console and the screen at the same time, all of which would be niche to sell anyway, but that won't stop the laptop or the mobile device, certainly not a device that billions already own and continue to do so non stop.

You claim it'll take longer on two platforms you're not remotely interested in, but that isn't going to stop them from progressing on a daily basis. You cannot stop progress. 

The thing is, if you want VR to always be crap and held back by dated tech, then go for it, but me personally, I want it on the high end, I want to see VR where it should be, which is on the higher end spectrum, where all things should be. 

I don't see how PC and mobile VR need a "bridge" to console VR, because from the sounds of it you make it seem like all 3 have no chance, but one will have a chance if the other two sacrifice themselves for the third, which sounds completely stupid, arrogant and asinine to boot. 

It's not easily 10m, because nothing has happened yet.

Also "high quality"?, with what we've seen with the Switch and Wii U, let alone Wii and 3DS?, naw not a chance. They stopped power pushing after the GC days.

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Oh ,I saw Chazore's profile for the first time .

I own both a Vive and PSVR, love them both.

Vive is amazing for the overall quality/fidelity of experience, flexible steam platform, and all the great PC only type experiences like Dolphin VR were you can play Wind Waker or Metroid Prime in VR (AMAZING!).

But if you're looking for a cheaper point of entry PSVR really punches above it's weight when you compare it to the Vive and the expensive ass PC I had to build to play it.

I have loved my experiences with both so far and can't wait to see the tech mature. Only jump in gaming I can compare VR to was going from 2d to 3d (like snes mario to mario 64). As a kid from the 80's I remember just sitting there staring at Mario 64 in my local Blockbuster in awe. VR has been like that for me. In particular RE7 is god damned amazing in VR. It's like experiencing some kind of lucid nightmare. And it's so much better in VR. Try playing it on a flat screen after playing it through in VR and it sucked in comparison.

If you have a playstation and haven't picked up a PSVR I highly recommend it. And then go buy Thumper, Superhot, Skyrim, RE7, Moss, Astrobot, Doom, Farpoint, and Firewall.

PSVR, I barely use it. it's been in a box for months. WipeOut VR is excellent. RE 7 is good, but it's just too much of a hassle to pull out the headset, connect the wires, clear some space, then put it all away neatly when I'm done.

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