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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?


Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?

Yes, within the next year or two 138 12.96%
Yes, but not for a few years yet 120 11.27%
No, hybrid consoles from now on 633 59.44%
No, I don't like/use handhelds 174 16.34%
benji232 said:
Dulfite said:
I don't think my preferred choice is on the poll. I want them to create a new handheld, but with the same library and gaming capabilities of the regular Switch. I don't want it to be weaker or stronger than the Switch, causing the studios to be split up again making games for either or the other. I want the studios to stay unified making games for the same platform, but I do want Nintendo to make a cheaper, smaller, better battery, and portable only option for the Switch (though I'm not sure the name would make sense then).

Then where are all the games lol? Where is our unified library? In 2018, we got ……………………… A Kirby platformer and Mario tennis. Sick Unified library Nintendo... Nah, I'd prefer get 2 platforms since were obviously netting way less games then before.

1) Fairly certain the 1st party output is already greater than either the Wii U or 3ds had on their own at this point. I could be wrong, and if I am look at the next point.

2) Nintendo themselves admitted to just recently getting over the hurdles of developing HD games, so they should be more consistent from here on out.

3) The Switch has been out like a year and a half, and seeing as it usually takes developers a couple years to make a game, I'd imagine many of them are close to having their game ready.

4) Nintendo only announces huge games more than 6 months away, and even then quite a few big ones, a ton of good ones, and a butt load of indie games get announced with only a few months or weeks to spare (sometimes that day).

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Pemalite said:
Entirely possible to have Switch variants that are mobile only and console only.
But if they release a mobile-only variant, I hope they at-least include a decent display this time.

I doubt it, I definitely think Nintendo will make mobile and console only variants but more than likely they will also do as much cost cutting as possible for these skus. They will be the equivalent of 2DS to 3DS and PS TV to Vita.

I could see a 1080p Switch Pro that retains the hybrid form factor thoughm

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Why would I bother with one when I can just play my Switch?

After seeing that Nintendo can do Hybrid consoles. Im not sure if I can go back to a ONLY Home console or Handheld device. It allows you to save money.

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I'd like something more portable than the switch, yes.

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This leads me to think about what the next Nintendo console will be like after Switch. People are already used to the concept of hybrid, will people be willing to return to the duo home console and portable? I would think not. Nintendo spoiled them and showed them the pleasure of having a hybrid console. The other question would be: will the hybrid console concept be sustainable in the future? or in other words, how much difference will there be with Sony and Microsoft consoles? If the difference is even greater than it is now, would that be a problem? I would say yes.

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Nintendo seems to be at their best when they only have one console to focus on. Plus, then it satisfies handheld gamers and console gamers. I say Nintendo should only be hybrid from now on.

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As much as I think a dedicated handheld would be cool to see, Nintendo should focus on hybrid consoles for now one. They can give them the best of both home console and portable types of games.

Yeah. A switch mini. Which will be here within the next couple of years anyway. No point dividing development resources or install base.

Yes, I think the switch it too big and clunky for a handheld, not to mention the short battery life. They definitely need a handheld only system compatible with switch games but also having smaller games made specifically for it. I specially feel this way for younger gamers 6-12 year olds who are likely to drop the switch, lose accessories, all day playing on and off without having to charge it, simpler more kid friendly games etc...