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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?


Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?

Yes, within the next year or two 138 12.96%
Yes, but not for a few years yet 120 11.27%
No, hybrid consoles from now on 633 59.44%
No, I don't like/use handhelds 174 16.34%

This week's front page poll.

Pretty straight-forward one this week, primarily aimed at Nintendo fans: Do you want a new dedicated handheld from Nintendo at some point, what with the 3DS quickly winding down, or does the Switch fully satisfy your on-the-go gaming needs with its hybrid functionality? Or do you just not like handheld gaming at all anyway?

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Absolutely not.

Switch has pretty much made the idea obsolete, for me. It is, to all intents and purposes, a portable system that can be used as a home system. I'd much rather see Nintendo focus on supporting a hybrid-like system than splitting resources between different hardware lines - especially given they are devoting some resources to mobile and don't show any signs of large-scale expansion.

Yes, but not while the Switch is their main platform.

No, i like the Switch-concept and Nintendo can focus on one plattform

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A Vita sized, portable only Switch revision for $199 is the most logical option for a dedicated handheld from Nintendo.

Basically I would like to see Nintendo do something similar to Vita-Vita TV but obviously with way better execution. Also throw in a more powerful Switch Pro that retains the hybrid form factor.

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No they made their bed.... this gen from nintendo there shall be only the switch.

Unless they plan to return to a traditional home console + handheld console combo (in future), there shouldnt be any handheld.
They need to focus all their efforts into game developement for the switch (it was part of the concept that helped sell the idea behinde the switch)


Proxy-Pie said:
Yes, but not while the Switch is their main platform.

^ this.
if they in a future gen return to normal home console, then they could return to a normal handheld too.
But I feel like they promised us on the Switch, that they would put all their focus into it (software) and that was why the switch would succede.
Nintendo would be breaking that promis, and their word, if they released a handheld now, and split their focus in developement.

I prefer not. Personally I felt Nintendo's strongest point was their handhelds and their consoles were good but not the greatest, yet once awhile you'd wish to play their handheld games on the big screen. So for me, hybrid is Nintendo's best option and I hope they stay this way.

Nah, just keep building upon the Switch.

The Switch already covers that market, anything else would be a step backwards.