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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?


Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?

Yes, within the next year or two 138 12.96%
Yes, but not for a few years yet 120 11.27%
No, hybrid consoles from now on 633 59.44%
No, I don't like/use handhelds 174 16.34%

No. They need to double-down on Switch platform and crank out games.

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nuckles87 said:

Miyamotoo said:

DS concept and screen would mean games made specifically for that concept and screen and that means those games couldn't run on other versions of Switch hardware, so DS concept and screen dont make any sense for some Switch revision. DS line is dead after 3DS, people need to accept that.


A dual-screen form factor doesn’t mean that a substantial number of games would need to be made for that form factor. Most games that utilize the second screen could do so optionally, using the screen for maps, item selection, restoring Wii U dual-screen functionality to certain Wii U ports, etc. Just look at the New 3DS line of systems. VERY few games are actually built with this version of the 3DS in mind, and most that were are either digital-only or couldn’t have run on the 3DS otherwise. For the most part, the New 3DS line was mostly utilized for optional enhancements. Same goes for the DSi.

The main point of such a model would be to:

1. Make a much more portable friendly model of the Switch, with the 3DS’s pocket-friendly clamshell design.

2. Merge the 3DS/DS and Switch libraries into a single ecosystem, giving Switch owners the ability to enjoy their 3DS and Switch experiences on a single platform.

3. Bring over certain awesome 3DS features to a Switch platform, like streetpass and the second screen, the latter of which has been at the core of Nintendo’s portable game design for well over a decade, allowing for digital-only remakes/sequels of any games where the second screen is vital to game design.

There may not be much value in this for you, but I think it would be foolish for Nintendo to abandon such a successful line of portables. If Nintendo is going to make a portable-only Switch (and I think there’s a market for it), then they ought to incorporate 3DS/DS backwards compatibility into it. 

But what would be point on first place of dual screen and dual screen design if not all games dont use that two screens? Every 3DS game uses second screen in same way, its not bland or off, so that means they would need to change every Switch game to have something on second screen. Wii U is totaly difrent story because its failed concept, plenty of Wii U games didnt had nothing Wii U screen when you play on TV.

1. You can make much more portable friendly Switch just with smaller screen and form factor (imagine 5" Switch Mini/Pocket), you don't need clam shell design for that, design that would actually quite a bit complicate things for Nintendo how hardware is used, how hardware resources are used, controls..

2. They could simple port/remaster some of best DS/3DS games to Switch like they porting games from their other platforms, giving full backward compitability for DS/3DS can only raise costs, price point of such a device and complicate things for Nintendo in any case.

3. Features like streetpass or Miiverse dont have anuthing with hardware, its just Nintendo decision. Before decade design of DS we had GBA, before that we had decade of GB design, now again they changing their design.

Switch is new platform and totaly new cool brand, it's very successful, its total own thing, there is no need at all to complicate things for itself with dual screen, claim shell design and BC for DS/3DS games, I am certain they will not do something like that.

Saying that, they done remaster of The World Ends with You thats DS game, so I definitely expecting some more DS/3DS remasters down the road for Switch. Dont forget, Nintendo made available DS games on Wii U, they could easily do something similar for DS/3DS games on Switch also.

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superchunk said:
No. They need to double-down on Switch platform and crank out games.


Maybe they could make a smaller version of the Switch with longer battery life, but a new dedicated handhled is not needed.

I am really happy with the Switch, I believe Nintendo has something here. They can dominate both markets with one simple device. All they need to do is put 100% of there focus and games on it. They have the IPs and Studios that Sony and Xbox don't have to push Hybrid devices into market leading territory.

Nintendo can easily create a 3DS successor and it will do well but it also move focus and games away from the Switch basically making the 3DS successor cutting the Switches lunch.

If the Switch Lite (Only Handheld version) is the rumor for 2019. Then it will fix this issue.

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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Is it easy to shrink a node. Something like Tegra X1 20 nm to Tegra X1 10 or so nm?

if yes I believe we'll see a mini switch as the next handheld

No, though I would like to see a dedicated console that competes with Microsoft and Sony on a technical level.

Probably not going to happen, because Nintendo is smart and likes making a profit. Their hybrid console/handheld is actually genius and they're doing well. But I can't help be curious about what a Zelda or Mario title would look in the latest console tech seeing as how good they looked on the Switch.

The last time they competed was the Gamecube, and that had some of the best looking games of its generation (Super Mario Sunshine, Star Wars Rogue Leader, Resident Evil 4, Zelda: The Windwaker are all pretty much timeless when it comes to graphics and art). But that console didn't do well commercially so I don't think Nintendo will go against their niche.