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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?


Would You Like to See a New Dedicated Handheld from Nintendo?

Yes, within the next year or two 138 12.96%
Yes, but not for a few years yet 120 11.27%
No, hybrid consoles from now on 633 59.44%
No, I don't like/use handhelds 174 16.34%

there is absolutely no reason why we need a new dedicated handheld. the Switch can serve as a handheld console. any handheld game they want to make can exist on the Switch. im still upset that Luigi's Mansion and the remake of Bowser's Inside Story are coming to the 3DS because i would love to have those on the Switch.

and above anything, if Pokemon is abandoning dedicated handhelds, a new one would never last

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Nah the Switch can be both. I don’t see a need hardware-wise, though I wouldn’t want the handheld style games to go away. I think both however.

Definitely not, splitting development resources between 2 platforms would be a huge mistake. They should simply release a Switch Mini for handheld fans and a Switch Pro for console fans in the next year or so. Switch Mini being small enough to fit in a pocket and using Tegra X2 for better battery life, and Switch Pro using a custom chip based on Tegra Xavier, giving it enough power to boost the resolution of Switch games well above 1080p, possibly even to full 4K in some cases.

I feel like Hybrid consoles are where it is at for Nintendo now. It would not make sense to release another handheld unless they also have a dedicated home console that can measure up in power to whatever Sony and MS have at the time. (Which is unlikely to happen)


And even if they did, being able to connect a handheld to your TV seems like an essential feature for all handhelds moving forward.

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I was hoping to see a new gameboy someday but the switch format seems really ideal for nintendo.. And as long as they're going for relatively underpowered home consoles (since the Wii) hybrid makes perfect sense.

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SammyGiireal said:

The Switch already covers that market, anything else would be a step backwards.

The most they'd probably do is either add GameBoy games to Nintendo Switch online, or make some kind of GameBoy Classic Eddition.

Give me a 4G or 5G Switch Phone, and I'll buy every color and every special edition they make. At the least, a Switch Mini would be nice for a pocketable portable experience.

Going forward, Nintendo has to stick to one ecosystem. They can have multiple form factors, but the OS and Games need to be unified across all devices.

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For my uses the Switch is great, I have no need for a smaller handheld. Battery life does take away some of its components as a dedicated handheld device though.

But Hybrid > Handheld for me.


My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I would certainly like to see a Switch-compatible dedicated handheld platform, preferably one with dual screens and 3DS/DS backwards compatibility. The Switch is already built on mobile technology. There’s no reason they couldn’t fit that technology into a more pocket-friendly form factor, and make it the latest in their DS line along with that.

A cheaper, portable-only Switch would also fill in the more budget-minded gamer niche currently occupied by 3DS systems rather nicely. I think the mobile market, including the portable gaming market, has certainly proved that there is a demand for different screen sizes and form factors.

This way, Nintendo continues their successful DS line, without needing to significantly split their software support between two platforms, since the majority of titles could be cross-compatible.