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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How Sony became king of consoles again

OlfinBedwere said: 
Miyamotoo said:

I didnt watch video, but its very simple, they corrected mistakes they made with PS3, like much cheaper price point and hardware that is much easier to work witch.

Also with "big comeback" it sound like they totally failed last gen.

Maybe not sales-wise - albeit they went from selling three times the combined number of their rivals' consoles in the previous generation to spending roughly three-quarters of the generation in third place - but the console's obscene R&D costs put a major financial drain on the company. They would probably have needed PS2-type numbers to turn a profit from the project, and they fell a long way short.

Well from that point, never will came back, surely will not sale again 3x more combined than their rivals, also PS3 sold very similar to 360 and only around 15 milions than best selling console, so we dont talk about huge difrence in any case if comparing that generation. Talking about financial matters, yes we talking about totally different things comparing PS3 and PS4, but to be fair Sony was making profit on PS3 last few PS3 years.

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RJTM1991 said:
Xbox played a big part in the PS4's success. Between the ridiculous restrictions, lack of top-tier exclusives, and condescending attitudes of their PR team, they practically handed Sony the win this gen.

Microsoft didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, they cut their own fucking legs off.

This is true, MS made some big initall mistakes with XB1, I remembering XB1 reveal when they start announced things like always online, that you cant use used games, $500 price point compared to PS4 $400...plenty of people even XB fans said they are buying and switching to PS, and later when people realised that same games perform and look better on PS4, XB1 didn't had a chance and war was already over. MS fixed those mistakes and XB1 is good product now, but PS4 become so big and much bigger name than even X360 ever was that PS4 continue to selling much better than XB1.

The PS brand is so strong, especially in Europe, that Sony would have to f up completely in order to do any serious damage. Some people don't see the bigger picture and think that after the PS3 Sony was on the brink of destruction or something. In reality, all that really was needed this gen was to keep doing what they were doing after they had recovered from the not so optimal start for the PS3. The majority of their base was always going to come back, because the faith for the brand is there. Sony has always delivered on their games and that has been proven yet again this gen. Plus, they won over a good chunk of converts from Microsoft due to that company's blunder. Maybe some people are so young that they haven't really seen the legacy that Sony has built over the last 20+ years.

Sony has always been the king, since the ps1, they reach all types of players and not only niches and invest and respect the market as a whole, players, producers and sellers.

LuccaCardoso1 said:

What an unbiased channel.

Oh, and btw, it feels a bit pretentious to call that a "documentary".

Yeah he's channel is mostly playstation centred, but alot of those videos are not positive (pro) playstation videos.
I wouldnt be so quick to call him biased.

"firmware update didnt do anything"
"sony wont fix your PS2 anymore"
"PS4 doesnt have backwards compatability"
"PSVR reaches 3m sales, is it a failure"
"PS3 price reveal was horrifying"
"PSvita doc - sony's coolest failure"

Alot of his videos just state facts.... like "this is how you do x,y,z on the ps4" or "this happended, sold x amount" ect.

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Considering aligned sales they were always ahead of X360 and that at the end they sold almost 90M PS3 and 70M PSP I would say that pricecut, redesign and keep churning great 1sp party games got them back to kingdom.

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X360 and PS3 had an amazing success last gen. X360 not only made a big jump in hardware sales, but they revolutionized the way how online gaming have to be played, and with XBOX Live with gold they they earned a lot of profits that soon will be copied by its rivals. On the other hand PS3 was successful because they had the best combination of 1st party and 3 party games. Each of them sold more than 85M hardware units and more than 900M software units. There were no losers last gen...

BUT, it's obvious Sony ended that gen in better shape than its competitor, and you can argue it's because of that reason or another, but to me, the main reason was because Playstation is just...Playstation, the biggest gaming brand in the world, and once people recovered the trust in the brand, Playstation only continued the dominance they had since PS1. XBO despite the success of PS4 is only behind 3M in USA, showing that USA is probably still XB territory, but everywhere else?, PS is just so much more bigger and important.

XB will never be able to fight equally PS this way. It will need a complete failure in USA for PS5 and i see impossible XB brand being near as popular as PS in most of Europe or the rest of the world. So, what happened this gen, it's what will probably happen next gen too, the only thing i see that could change is XB becomes number one in USA again, but that's it. In the rest of the world PS brand will still sell 2x, 3x or 4x more.

Lawlight said:
Azzanation said:

That depends what you mean by win. If win you mean on sales figures than sure, in terms of profiting i wouldnt say Sony is king when it comes to profiting. Nintendo knows how to make money and i think Nintendo has a much better history when it comes to making money in the console market. PS3 might be the 4th best selling console however its up there as one of the worst profiting. Thats not entirely a win.

That is true - Nintendo knows how to make cheap products and sell it for a high price. Their games cost very little to make as they recycle concepts with the games being very samey across the generations.

Cause BotW totally plays like Skyward Sword.


And Mario Odyssey is totally just 3D land reskinned.


There are tons of games like Xenoblade.


Mario Plus Rabbids is totally like all other Mario games.


Splatoon was not in any way a new IP.


ARMs is just like every other fighting game.




In all seriousness, your argument just sound bitter toward Nintendo and negatively affects your credibility as a whole.  Same for everyone that uses that tired stigma in a debate, as it shows how out of touch they are with the reality of the situation.

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RJTM1991 said:
Xbox played a big part in the PS4's success. Between the ridiculous restrictions, lack of top-tier exclusives, and condescending attitudes of their PR team, they practically handed Sony the win this gen.

Microsoft didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, they cut their own fucking legs off.

You are disregarding the power of Playstation as a brand,  outside of USA, Xbox have always been seen as an inferior brand. It was because of the name playstation that ps3 survived the same mistake what xbox one did and still  manage to sell the same amount of console as the most popular Xbox console in less time on the market. and if you think it was because of the launch blunders of Xbox one that made PS4 popular, I wouldn't disagree but thats not entirely true.

I dont think anyone would disagree when I say that at the end of 360 life cycle it felt like MS had abandoned their user base in terms of exclusive, and on the other hand in terms of exclusive Sony was on full song, and was flexing its First party muscle on PS3 even after the release of PS4. So IMO irrespective of MS PR blunder, i think what made PS4 more popular was the prospect of sony ability to pump out quality games at regular intervals and having quality First Party Developers. 

P.S.- Ohh not to mention, I think more than MS PR mess i think the biggest blow to Xbox brand was when Bungie appeared on PS4 reveal event and the destiny deal.

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