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RJTM1991 said:
Xbox played a big part in the PS4's success. Between the ridiculous restrictions, lack of top-tier exclusives, and condescending attitudes of their PR team, they practically handed Sony the win this gen.

Microsoft didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, they cut their own fucking legs off.

This is true, MS made some big initall mistakes with XB1, I remembering XB1 reveal when they start announced things like always online, that you cant use used games, $500 price point compared to PS4 $400...plenty of people even XB fans said they are buying and switching to PS, and later when people realised that same games perform and look better on PS4, XB1 didn't had a chance and war was already over. MS fixed those mistakes and XB1 is good product now, but PS4 become so big and much bigger name than even X360 ever was that PS4 continue to selling much better than XB1.