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X360 and PS3 had an amazing success last gen. X360 not only made a big jump in hardware sales, but they revolutionized the way how online gaming have to be played, and with XBOX Live with gold they they earned a lot of profits that soon will be copied by its rivals. On the other hand PS3 was successful because they had the best combination of 1st party and 3 party games. Each of them sold more than 85M hardware units and more than 900M software units. There were no losers last gen...

BUT, it's obvious Sony ended that gen in better shape than its competitor, and you can argue it's because of that reason or another, but to me, the main reason was because Playstation is just...Playstation, the biggest gaming brand in the world, and once people recovered the trust in the brand, Playstation only continued the dominance they had since PS1. XBO despite the success of PS4 is only behind 3M in USA, showing that USA is probably still XB territory, but everywhere else?, PS is just so much more bigger and important.

XB will never be able to fight equally PS this way. It will need a complete failure in USA for PS5 and i see impossible XB brand being near as popular as PS in most of Europe or the rest of the world. So, what happened this gen, it's what will probably happen next gen too, the only thing i see that could change is XB becomes number one in USA again, but that's it. In the rest of the world PS brand will still sell 2x, 3x or 4x more.