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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Emotional attachment to consoles/games

Ka-pi96 said:
John2290 said:

Oh wait, reading that last bit Barkley quoted is that the emphasis of the thread. Oh, I misinterpreted. No, I've never gotten attached to an intimate object like that until that inanimate object breaks and then I mourn it's loss for a few days, curse my luck and find a way to replace it.

Although, I did admire the form factor of the ps1 a bit too much as a child now that I think about it. Not emotionally though.

You admired it "a bit too much"? As in... sexually?

I am beginning to understand why people say that PlayStation consoles offer the most bang for your buck.

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I would say I'm emotionally attached to gaming in general rather than a specific piece of hardware or software. Like I'm fine if a system/game breaks as I'll just repair/replace it and play others in the meantime, but if something is stopping me from being able to game period then I take serious offense. Regrettably when I was younger I would throw tantrums whenever a punishment involved no gaming. If I lost the ability to play games now... eh let's not think about that. :L

Eventually, most of my older games and consoles end up in storage in a box, but I keep Mario Kart: Double Dash in a place where I can see it.

Given the OP's age, she will feel about the 360 in 15 years what I feel about the NES/SNES today. I don't feel emotional attachments to the physical items, but playing those old games is definitely reliving my childhood.

A lot of people say they aren't attached to a console but theirs/our posts say otherwise. Were all attached emotionally whether we like to admit it or not. Were invested.

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PwerlvlAmy said:
A lot of people say they aren't attached to a console but theirs/our posts say otherwise. Were all attached emotionally whether we like to admit it or not. Were invested.

I am attached to a console in the sense that I really like that console's features and games, but I'm not attached to a single physical console. I wouldn't be heartbroken if my Switch broke, for example. I would be sad because I'd have to spend money buying a new one, but I wouldn't be sad because that one Switch broke. It's just a Switch like any other. That's the difference.


Not attached to the consoles, but it is the case with the games it features. The console is just the support to where you can put/install the game in, nothing else.

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I'm not sure what I would do if this thing breaks...

But those beeps bring joy to my heart every time I hear them.
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It doesn't matter if it is people or things, it's human nature to get emotionally attached to things that bring us good feelings

I'm not a very emotional person, so it's very hard for me to being emotionally attached to a machine. I enjoy using them while they last (aka the successor gets launched), but that's about it.

Also, I didn't start in videogames through consoles but arcade machines and portable devices similar to the Nintendo Game & Watch machines, so for me consoles are only a mean to play the games, but nothing more than that.

Please excuse my bad English.

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