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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which was your first RPG (video game) you played through?

Ultima IV on the Apple II.

My mom was an elementary school teacher and had an Apple II with a bunch of various games that I would play on it when she brought me to school with her. Ultima IV was far and away my favorite game that she had.

Also, Bard's Tale 4 is so fun to play. Just wish it wasn't hindered by the performance issues so more people could experience a taste of the old school dungeon crawlers.

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The first RPGs I played were all during the Video Game Crash years. I didn't have a computer, but some of my friends did and we'd play Ultima 2 or Wizardry 1 & 2 together. We also spent a lot of time playing some RPG on the C64 that I can't remember the name of. I loved all of these RPGs and wished I had a computer so that I could play them on my own.

The first RPG that I actually owned and completed was Dragon Warrior. After that I tried to get just about every RPG I could find on the NES: Final Fantasy, Ultima 3 & 4, Wizardry, etc...

RPGs became my favorite genre for decades, but I don't seem to like most of the modern ones.

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Pokemon Yellow.

Though the first rpg that made in love with rpgs was DA:O

Depends on what we define as an RPG, The Legend of Zelda if that counts, if not then Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy Mystic Quest on the SNES. That's is at least what i remember

Shining force 3. Loved it, I played it through three times in a row. Still one of my favourite games to date.

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Probably Chrono Trigger on the SNES. Either that or Gargoyle's Quest on the Gameboy. That was more of an action game with rpg elements, though.

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John2290 said:
Done some searching out of interest and it'd seem the first RPG I played was Baulders gate or something that looked like it. There is another point and click game that had RPG elements and came on 9 CDs but I can't find mention of it online.

Was it 9 CDs or 9 floppy disks?  If it was 9 floppy disks you might be thinking of quest for glory: so you want to be a hero.  One of my all time favorite games (I loved 1-4, the 5th was not a fan of).  

zelda II on NES. I got close to the end then my data was all of a sudden gone when i popped it in and turned it on one day, and got the glove and hammer i think? (i just remember getting some items that took awhile again) and then it happened again, it was like roughly 26 years ago maybe a year or 2 more or less?, so its a bit fuzzy, but definitely remember losing the saves.. very disheartening.


looking back, i should have got a game genie for that game and just do it to finish it.


Final Fantasy 7, unless you count the Barcode Battler.

can't remember if it was secret of mana or one of the breath of fire games