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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which was your first RPG (video game) you played through?

Sixteenvolt420 said:
Had to be something on the Atari 2600, but i can't remember which game.

That's easy since there was only one RPG-ish game on Atari 2600 the whole last century: Dragonstomper

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The original Dragon Warrior on the NES.

It would have been Pokemon Red in 1998, just before I turned 9.

The next RPG I played after that was Pokemon Gold, which I followed up with Final Fantasy IV through IX on PS1 and then Golden Sun on GBA in 2001/02.

FF1 on NES, and Sorcerian on PC.

To be more specific, you can't really "play through" Sorcerian, as it's a game with 15 odd "Scenarios" (levels/stories) you can play through, and your characters age in real time, so every adventure you go on, they get older. They eventually grow old and die. And then you can create a new character if you want. I beat several of the scenarios, but not all of them. Shit gets rough.

The first time I ever saw an RPG it was Legend of Dragoon at a friend's house, but since I was a Nintendo kid my first RPGs were Paper Mario on N64 and Baten Kaitos on the Gamecube

EDIT: Totally forgot about Pokemon Red! That was before I knew about Legend of Dragoon

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Zelda 2 The adventure of Link but I was too young (4) to do or remember anything meaningful about it from those playthroughs . So it would have to be The Granstream Saga. Then game got me back to RPG gaming. It was a short fun 3-D action RPG with a great concept for its story but with some terrible execution on that front. 

Dungeon Master on Amiga, around '88.

I had C64 before that, and though I've tried few RPGs, I just couldn't quite get into them - which is odd, since I've played D&D with friends.
Or maybe that's the very reason why I couldn't get into them at first - till this day, I find video game RPGs inferior to their pen&paper counterparts...perhaps, one day when AIs become sofisticated enough and hardware capable enough to handle them, I'll change my mind.

Dragon Warrior then Final Fantasy on NES. FF was such an improvement over DW since you didn't have to use a menu action to climb stairs!

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TruckOSaurus said:
Dragon Warrior then Final Fantasy on NES. FF was such an improvement over DW since you didn't have to use a menu action to climb stairs!

This would hold true for the first 10 entries of the FF series. Dragon Warrior VII for PS1 must be the worst RPG I have ever played. The 105 hours I spent in it were some of most painfully boring Memories I have in gaming. The amount of grinding one had to do was beyond insane.

Final Fantasy I for NES