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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which was your first RPG (video game) you played through?

A lot of video game genres had their roots in Arcade machines, especially fast paced games.

Electronic role-playing games on the other hand were born on mainframe computers in universities, so only some students working on these expensive machines could play them. The 8-bit home computers (f.e. Apple II and Commodore 64) and third generation of home consoles (NES + Master System) finally brought this great genre with better story-telling and more complex gameplay to a broader audience.

When I got my first home computer in 1987 (Commodore 128) I tried out several of them. I never got into the first Ultima and Wizardry games, but I instantly fell in love with the first "The Bard's Tale" game (Tales of the Unknown). After I finished it, The Destiny Knight, Thief of Fate and the spiritual successor Dragon Wars followed. It was very gratifying that I could transfer my party from game to game. My version of the Dragon Wars also included the awesome cover art as a big poster.


Of course I had to support the Kickstarter campaign for "The Bard's Tale IV" in 2015 and this summer it finally has paid off:

Last month I got the first chapter of the remastered "The Bard's Tale Trilogy" with new high-res graphics, good soundtrack and some nifty comfort functions (f.e. auto-mappping).

And yesterday The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep was released. I instantly installed and played it... love it so far (although it plays a lot different than the old games)!


So which was your first RPG (video game) you played through? Do you still like the game / series?

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The first RPG I played was on my grandfather Eagle Computer.  it ran on two floppy disks, one had the OS and the other had the program you wanted to run

it was a game called dungeon.  Could not find a pic of the version I remember but this is a later version

On the version I remember it was green and black (only two colors eagle monitor displayed) and there was just a letter representing you instead of the little person in that screen shot.  it was based on dungeon and dragons.

The game that got me really into western RPGS was Champions of Kynn (1990).  ultima, bard tale, wizardry I actually discovered after Champions of Kynn even through am aware those games came out a long time before 1990.


The first JRPG I played was the original Dragon quest on the NES which first got me interested in the genre but it was the original final fantasy on the NES that really made me fall in love with the genre.  I wont bother with screen shots of those because am guessing most people on this site familiar with those.

Pokemon Gold was my first "technically RPG" RPG. Though some people think that is not a real answer so I will say Final Fantasy(Yes the original) in 2015. Yes I know I was late to that party.

What is funny about Final Fantasy is that it started my RPG crave as I go back and played every famous RPG I can get my hands on. I played so many RPGs in the last 3 years that it practically revived my gaming interest. Just in time for the Switch! Thing is that I am not done! Nowhere near it. I only played up to Final Fantasy 7. I am trying to get through Dragon Quest 2 right now. I played Ultima 1-3. I even got into some modern RPGs like Xenoblade.

Actually some people consider Monster Hunter an RPG. If that is the case then my first Non-Pokemon RPG is Monster Hunter Tri way back in 2010. Some people also considered Zelda an RPG but there are whole sects of the internet preventing to say that. (The first Zelda I completed was Ocarina of Time). So to avoid fights I won't consider is an RPG for now.

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Pokemon Yellow, was my first game ever too (not the first I played but the first I owned)

Pokemon red or diablo... I can't remember which came first. I was quite young. Probably too young in fact to be playing diablo I suppose it covers both main styles of RPG either way.

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Faxanadu on NES. I’d post a pic of it but I fail at posting pics on this site.


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Dragon Warrior (Quest) I on the NES but I really didn't get into RPG's until played FFVII on the PS1.

I'm about to make you all feel old:


That's actually a tough one.

It probably was TTYD on GameCube, but I recall being stuck there for quite a long time. Could have been Super Mario RPG on the SNES but I also was stuck there for quite a bit.

If people count Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening as an RPG, that was my first one.

If not, Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey was a game I played through shortly after that. I'd argue it was at least on par with the early Pokemon games.

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