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The first RPG I played was on my grandfather Eagle Computer.  it ran on two floppy disks, one had the OS and the other had the program you wanted to run

it was a game called dungeon.  Could not find a pic of the version I remember but this is a later version

On the version I remember it was green and black (only two colors eagle monitor displayed) and there was just a letter representing you instead of the little person in that screen shot.  it was based on dungeon and dragons.

The game that got me really into western RPGS was Champions of Kynn (1990).  ultima, bard tale, wizardry I actually discovered after Champions of Kynn even through am aware those games came out a long time before 1990.


The first JRPG I played was the original Dragon quest on the NES which first got me interested in the genre but it was the original final fantasy on the NES that really made me fall in love with the genre.  I wont bother with screen shots of those because am guessing most people on this site familiar with those.