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Team Avatar: Did it catch on?

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Nay 3 14.29%

So has anyone been able to rewatch this show or watch it for the first time since it debuted on Netflix?
Just rewatched again and... Yep, still the greatest show I've ever seen.

And I plan to do the same when Legend of Korra hits Netflix this Friday!

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I haven’t rewatched it on Netflix yet, but I will soon.

Overselling it a bit, but it's a great show. Didn't like Korra as much though.

JWeinCom said:
Overselling it a bit, but it's a great show. Didn't like Korra as much though.

Yeah, Korra was kind of meh, started strong but fizzled out by the end. I would rather we had got the cancelled 4th season of the first Avatar, and a 5th and 6th season as well, showing what they all did as adults. 

I defiantly enjoyed the showed and think it was extremely well done but it look like I am going to be in the minority here and I actually enjoy legend of korra more. I would defiantly re-watch Legend of Korra before I would re-watch Avatar: the Last Airbender. That being said when I watched both shows I was well into adult hood already and my feeling might of been different if I had watched them for first time as a child.

I just found the world building and obstacles the Avatar had to go through more interesting in Korra. While I know many going to feel the exact opposite for me personally Korra was also a lot less annoying then Aang.

That being said The last avatar is still very high on my list of best children shows.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender always comes to mind when I think of what my favorite show is. That title goes to Breaking Bad, but Avatar definitely deserves a place in the conversation. I think it is absolutely brilliant. It is funny, charming, exciting, intelligent, engaging, and doesn't talk down to children. I first watched it in college and I loved it, and then I rewatched it again years later with my then boyfriend because he had never seen it and I still loved it an so did he. I have not watched it again since it premiered on Netflix but I don't think a third rewatch would cause me to suddenly change my mind about the quality of the show.

Best show I've seen. The film adaptation was one of the worst movies I've seen. I'm very concerned about the Netflix live-action remake.

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