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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's 2019 looks pretty impressive already

It will certainly become the second greatest year for software from the line up perspective and probably the greatest year hardware wise.

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Town (by Gamefreak) should be up on the list, much more interesting for me than Daemon, though DxM is still something I'd wait and see for more gameplay.


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Yeah Nintendo is most likely going to own 2019. Animal Crossing and Pokemon Gen 8 alone are going to fly off the shelves along with Switches. We don't even know what Nintendo is going to announce at TGS or the Game Awards. 2018 hasn't been that great, especially in the first half but 2019 is shaping up to be quite the turn around.

2019 shaping up rather nicely. Now just put Pikmin 4 in 2019 so i can die happy

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Animal Crossing and Pokemon G8 in one year, two 10m+ sellers again.

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Cmon dude, list all the games! Aside from that, yep Nintendomination next year bois! Also helps their fiscal year prospects. An easy 5m+ seller in January right after Smash should definitely maintain momentum, and Yoshi could likely launch in March, so I think 20m shipped is a lock at this point!

My bet is that we should start seeing the results of Nintendo Handheld and Home console developers merge next year. Looks good so far, but it could still be much better.

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Just to make a small observation: Animal Crossing is very likely a Summer game, not a Winter game, simply because of its social nature.While Nintendo would want to people to pay the online to have acess to the game online features, because lets face it, the game will double down on it, but part of the game appeal is to go out and meet people playing the game and play together.

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Wyrdness said:
Animal Crossing and Pokemon G8 in one year, two 10m+ sellers again.

Along with NSMBU Deluxe & Luigi's Mansion 3 which should each do 5+ million and Fire Emblem & Yoshi which should each do 2+ million.

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Definitely getting Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4. Will most likely get Luigis Mansion 3 and Pokémon as well.