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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony gave EVERY Gamestop stroe manager a Spiderman PS4pro bundle for free

So I was just talking to the store manager at the Gamestop out by my job that I am pretty cool with and he told me that Sony gave every Gamestop store manager a Spiderman PS4pro bundle for free. I got to say that is well played and some nice love from Sony.  Just figured I would share this news.

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Do we have any reports to back this up? Cool if true, though.

That's pretty cool of them and it's good PR.

Could have given me one too.

They do that quz nobody buying there system anymore for such a high price.


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xl-klaudkil said:
They do that quz nobody buying there system anymore for such a high price.

The Spider man pro is sold out nearly everywhere. Heck PS4 pros are sold out nearly everywhere.

Plus it comes with the spider man game. So it is actually coming in at around $340 or so. Along with a unique controller and system.

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Nice. Although I think it's an attempt to bribe gamestop's to recommend and push people to buy the the PS4 over other consoles.

Which is a smart (if not a bit dickish) move.

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This will be the 4th PS4 that Sony offered Gamestop’s managers since 2013.