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Will BF5 Fiasco scare other companies from pushing agendas in games?

yes 29 42.03%
no 40 57.97%

Inclusion of minorities can be totally fine when they're done naturally by their dev. In case of Nintendo, Botw was a far more progressive tale than people might see at first glance.

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Doesn’t really matter one way or another, whenever there’s a main character who’s not as heavily white male as Marcus Fenix and Nathan Drake there will be backlash. There was no agenda behind Lost Legacy and there was still heavy backlash. Also, it’s funny to see the whole SJW thing become a topic time and time again from the people who hate the SJW thing. I’m a black male and have been playing as a white guy for decades and have taken no issue with it. But the moment one of these guys have to play as a minority (race or gender) these topics start popping up. Hell, I still can’t get over the fact that some people skipped/disliked Horizon: Zero Dawn because they weren’t allowed to play as a male character. Most of these people can play as a mutant lizard or any form of alien creature and be fine with it. But the moment their main character is a black/female human they throw a tantrum because it’s “unrealistic”.

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Well Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian will keep pushing for over-diversity in every game, because they simply don't care for the quality of the game; They don't play these games like we play these games.

I could care less for diversity in games, so long as it's not being pushed and advertised as a feature that's worth $60 to some shadow audience. AC Odyssey has a female character choice, and it's not being pushed for some stupid liberal agenda, it's just an option to further build the fact that the game is an RPG now. BFV has a female option, and it was made clear by EA that they're pushing a retarded liberal agenda.

TLoU2 was probably just an issue because the two lesbian chicks looked nothing like what you can find on Pornhub, and therefore isn't worth $60. IT's in the same boat as if Joel was the one kissing some other dude.
Of course with Naughty Dog developers attacking fans online like how EA did definitely shoots a massive blow to the sales in the future. If that dev had kept their mouth shut, no one would care because no one would think twice about a liberal agenda being pushed.
People don't like politics influencing their favorite choice of entertainment, and a lot of people hate the far left/right being represented in a positive light. Lets hope the developers/publishers who have committed this horrible act learn from it, otherwise their going into the ditch. Looking at you Sony (Horizon, and TLoU2) , Bethesda(Wolfenstein 2, not really Doom Eternal), and fuckin EA.

I think if a few more sjw ridden games do poorly, it would show that it's more than just a "vocal minority" that don't like the stuff regardless of how much game journos or resetera say otherwise. It would have a lasting effect.

I encounter way more anti sjws than I encounter actual sjws. Jesus Christ people do you not see the irony in this? Threads like this are just as whiny and annoying as watching a group of hardcore feminist go on about mansplaining on Tumblr. It's the exact same kind of self righteous bitching and moaning and expecting the entire planet to cave into your narrow minded viewpoint

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Again, people are misunderstanding what the issue is. No one has a problem with a woman being on the front cover.Or being playable in the game. The woman in the first trailer was slightly questionable, but was given a pass by many (including me). Yes, we all know Battlefield was never THAT realistic, so whatever.

The issue is the comments given later. Calling people "uneducated" and "sexist" for not believing that women were in the front lines of british forces having prosthetic arms and blue face paint and wielding cricket bats. EA is implying that this is what actually happened in WW2. Stop rewriting history to give it more diversity, ffs.

If those comments never occurred I (along with many others) would've probably given it a pass.

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collint0101 said:
I encounter way more anti sjws than I encounter actual sjws. Jesus Christ people do you not see the irony in this? Threads like this are just as whiny and annoying as watching a group of hardcore feminist go on about mansplaining on Tumblr. It's the exact same kind of self righteous bitching and moaning and expecting the entire planet to cave into your narrow minded viewpoint

I can't argue with that first sentence but the rest is meh. SJWs like to appropriate popular culture and entertainment then inject their agenda into it. They also like to dictate how everyone is supposed to act. If you don't comply then you're a racist, sexist, ect. Anti-sjws are a reaction to this. It turns out that appropriating someone's hobby or favorite IPs then fundamentally changing it so they incorporate their political message then virtue signal to non-consumer sjws is the best way to piss people off. Every time they hijack a film or something similar, it turns the fanbase into anti-sjws. There's nothing self-righteous about wanting to be left alone. If sjws would just cut that shit, no one would care what they did or said.

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DialgaMarine said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
It depends on how well TLOU2 will sell. One more lesbian kiss and that might just be the breaking point.

I still fail to see how TLoU 2 is “SJW propaganda”. It’s 2 chicks that made out. Big whoop. It’s not trying to take a historical event and rewrite to be more “gender inclusive”, or toning down any form of humor or violence to avoid offending anyone who isn’t a straight white male. In fact, the whole thing looks quite brutal. Even if someone is “offended” by two girls making out, I don’t see how that somehow detracts from the fact that everything else about the game looks great.

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I mean, it's EA, so I think it has more to do with that fact alone..

But yeah, I definitely think people are growing tired of corporations for their identity politic obsession and patting themselves on the back for how virtuous they are for mere "inclusion" and "underrepresented identities" or whatever other pre-determined traits of which people have zero control over, so I'm sure that's at least a factor..


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The narrow mindedness of some people here is shocking. There are many more reasons why the game doesn’t get many pre-orders. I’m sure the girl sniper is the least of them.


Shadow1980 said: 

Yeah. That'll teach companies to not put in a protag that isn't a white hetero cis male.

In all seriousness, I cannot understand the mental process going on when someone looks at a trailer for an action game, sees a woman as a protagonist (at least where they feel one should not be), and has an absolute total freak out and expresses a deep-seated "need" to bitch about it on the internet and threaten (or actually go through with) a boycott. So Battlefield V won't be a total sausage-fest. So what? "It's not realistic?" Again, so what? It's a video game. You fucking play it. Y'know, to have fun. You can't have fun because your WW2 shooter has a woman? Why? What's your malfunction? Video games are only superficially realistic, and they have to be because they wouldn't be fun. If we really wanted it to be realistic, why not ensure every bit of tech is absolutely period accurate to the day and functions exactly as it did in real life (including all the jams, breaks, limited ammo, no half-mag reloads, etc. And while we're at it, why not have realistic injuries and permadeath as features to really ramp up the tension of potentially getting mowed down by MG42 fire two seconds after the boat ramps come down on Normandy? Maybe disease and hours of marching and non-combat activities to give it that added touch of authenticity.

But I honestly doubt that "realism" was the driving force of the complaints. 18 years ago EA put a woman front and center in a WW2 game:

And we didn't hear a fucking peep. Then again, this was before social media, before the onslaught of manchildren that was Gamergate, before every wingnut on the internet decided to openly and loudly scream "ESS JAY DOUBLE-U!" at everything that offended their warped and fragile sensibilities. I've read the comments on Youtube and elsewhere in the months since the reveal. The whole "muh historical accuracy" is a smokescreen. And the whole "Well, that EA rep said such and such" thing, well, he wouldn't have said anything had the usual suspects kept their traps shut and not had a rage fit. Honestly, I wish everybody left, right, and center would learn to just shut the hell up and learn to enjoy a game, movie, etc., based on its quality. Is the gameplay and story good? Then shut up and play it. Seriously, it's shit like this that makes me wish the internet wasn't a thing.

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