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Mbolibombo said:
PwerlvlAmy said:

With Tomb Raider, DQXI,Spider-Man, its inevitable. 

Spider-Man bundle will do some magic.. the Pro should hopefully be back in stock properly as well. Expecting pretty great PS4 numbers.

I dont think DQXI and Tomb Raider are going to sell much hardware though..

not as much as spider-man no,but they will still be moving systems. 

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PwerlvlAmy said:
DonFerrari said:

One would expect.

With Tomb Raider, DQXI,Spider-Man, its inevitable. 

Do you have any expectations when after that Switch will have a chance to take the spot again (besides holidays as I would say most are expecting Switch to be the best selling more often than not)?

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According to the NPD prediction tool, after this week the PS4 should be back on top in the US.

MasonADC said:
What are the chances of a 20 million Sold through announcement by Nintendo? If numbers add up, we might even get it in a direct

Low, last year were very different circumstances, they had if I recall around 7.7m shiped numbers with last officall numbers and than after that they reported about 10m sold through units. Now we have almost 20m shipped units (19.7m), and there is no point reporting for 20m sold through (its not big difrence). Also Nintendo never gave sales informations in Direct.

Switch on top again. Interesting. Will the launch of Spiderman help PS4 claw back all the sales Switch has had over ps4 these past 4 weeks?

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SKMBlake said:
Holly Moses, Switch sales already surpassed half of Xbox One Sales in 16 months

dang your right! it looks like that by the numbers.
No doubt the Switch is selling at a much faster pace than the XB1 did.

zorg1000 said:
xMetroid said:

Which statements?

Anyway, Switch doing really well around the globe. Momentum grew a lot in Europe and thats Nice. 

At the end of July they said that sales have increased  in each region since E3.

For America & Japan, this sites numbers reflect that with an increase in sales from mid-June through all of July, NPD & Media Create also confirmed this.

On the other hand, this site shows that Europe had a 1 week boost during E3 week but quickly dropped below the pre-E3 baseline.

Oh Okok. Means switch might be undertracked in Europe. Those numbers are already great anyway

Any day now....

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Nice NS and Ps4 numbers. The Xbox numbers are abysmal. Is this Xbox One best year?

PS4 will start getting over it in August.

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