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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Citing Lackluster Sales, Dishonored Franchise Is Being Shelved

Wyrdness said:
What bizarre budget did they have to the point that 2.5m sales is considered bad?

Probably had a pretty typical budget for that kind of game.

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JRPGfan said:
Its not Fallout or ElderScrolls..... thats the problem lol.
Just stick to the RPGs Bethesda :P

It's not Fallout or Elder scrolls sized sales that's the problem Just stick to RPG's Bethesda, might as well get rid of Doom and Wolfenstein and hide Rage under the bed.

That's too bad. I have heard nothing but good things about this franchise.

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pokoko said:
zorg1000 said:

I think he means that if a game isn't profitable at 2.5 million than it has too big of a budget.

But on the other hand, this doesn't say the game didn't make a profit, just that sales were lackluster and down significantly from the first. It's entirely possible that the game was profitable, just not nearly as much as they hoped for.

He might have meant that but his example didn't put anything in perspective at all.  For one, a third-party game is always going to have more overhead than a first-party game.  More importantly, no one is in business to "match production costs".  I often come across posts where people act like breaking even is a success.  It's not.  In business, breaking even is essentially the same as a loss.  Even a moderate profit can be viewed as a loss in the big picture.  

I don't think it so much about budget more to do with expectation of growth you see it all the time in business where a company makes a healthy return on investment but it's stock drops because of higher  expectations, I remember Square-Enix talking about a disappointing Tomb Raider even though it had sold if my memory is correct  around 5m in its first 3 months, because they had set their sales expectation to over 6m even though previous Tomb Raider games averaged around 2-3m level . 

Still they will look at the budget and say can we invest this time and money somewhere else for a better return and you can't really blame them with a game that sold less.

About the game itself the first one I enjoyed to a point the point being for a game that supposedly gave you choice it pushed you toward  the stealth option by punishing you if you mixed it up.So that put me off playing dishonoured 2

think-man said:
It's a sad day when 2.5 million sold games is considered bad :/

Well, going by what Fifa makes alone with it's MT's, it's no surprise that even Bethesda are dabbling a bit more with MP based games now than SP. Sure they have Wolf and DOOM, as well as RAGE 2, with an eventual ES, Fallout and Starfield, I honestly think they are wanting to work more with MP based games to increase their profits, especially since EA and Activision seem to rake in their own share a shorter period of time.

SP games still make money for sure, just not as much and as fast as MP based games do, or games with MT's slapped on them. (Fornite has made over a billion already, which just points to EA's "where's your billion dollar franchise?").

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JRPGfan said:
vivster said:
Good for them. Now they can do something new and exciting!

Basically how I feel about it.... hopefully a new RPG?

"Devs want to work on new properties incorporating 'seamless multiplayer' and 'environmental storytelling'"

Got it cheap, played a few hours and got bored. Never touched the 2nd game.

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Peh said:
Got it cheap, played a few hours and got bored. Never touched the 2nd game.

I played half of the first game, but avoided the second since the PC port was terrible. 

Yup, unfortunately the truth is, games can have decent sales figures and still flop because 1m sales in the 1990s is not the same as 1m sales in 2000s. Its all about the games budget. AAA games cost a small fortune to make these days.
Shame for Dishonored, it was a good new IP in the industry.

I stopped playing Dishonored because the trophies were glitched and I was having none of that. Also the game didn't feel suited to first person, would have enjoyed it more in TPP.

These games like BioShock, Dishnored and Prey should have TPP as option. It would make the games more fun to play for me, as I acknowledge the fantastic design and gameplay.