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Forums - Sales Discussion - Which Top-Selling New Release of 2018 Most Exceeded Retail Sales Expectations in Q1&2?


Which Top-Selling New Release of 2018 Most Exceeded Retail Sales Expectations in Q1&2?

Far Cry 5 49 4.75%
Monster Hunter: World 282 27.33%
God of War 436 42.25%
Dragon Ball FighterZ 45 4.36%
Kirby Star Allies 69 6.69%
EA Sports UFC 3 1 0.10%
Shadow of the Colossus 17 1.65%
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 92 8.91%
Detroit: Become Human 31 3.00%
MLB The Show 18 10 0.97%

The biggest disparity between reality and predictions is easily Monster Hunter World. We're already at 10.3m. GoW certainly sold better than expected but not by as massive an amount as Monter Hunter.

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MHW of course, now that I did eat my crow, it's pretty clear that it managed something that nobody thought possible in the least, thanks to it's explosion in the western market.

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Monster Hunter World obviously. I don't think anyone expected Monster Hunter, a series that sold like 4m on handheld, to pass Resident Evil 5 to become Capcom's bestselling game of all-time in just 3 months, selling 8.3m on PS4+Xbox One by the end of Q2. Now it has sold another 2m copies on Steam in just a few days.

God of War is about in line with what I expected. Monster Hunter surprised me. I knew it would do great, better than any console Monster Hunter, and that it would finally make a name for itself in the west, just based on the buzz surrounding it before release. I did not expect it to crush absolutely every Monster Hunter and even every Capcom game period. This feels pretty objective here. GoW did well, but was expected to. MH blew everyone away with its sales performance. Aside from MH, DKC:Tropical Freeze did better as a port than I expected, but nothing crazy good. Nothing else surprised.

So far Monster Hunter world and GoW. Both are sold insane amounts and are already the best selling in their franchises despite being just months old.

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Monster Hunter definitely. I've been with this franchise since PSP and I was biting my fingernails on it's success. I honestly think no one (Roterfan being the exception) expected this kind of success it gained. This game most likely even shocked Capcom themselves. And the crow eating on this game was significant. People thought Freedom Unite was untouchable but here we are.

God of War was obviously going to be crazy successful. I expected really good sells.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was in between for me. After the first trailer and the hype of the franchise coming back to life with Super, the success of this game was predictable however it not being arena based like Tenkaichi was making doubt its success among casual fans.

Monster Hunter World, considering the huge amount of people in certain other site that expected it to flop.

Now that it's out on PC and performing insanely well, nothing in recent memory comes close to Monster Hunter World in terms of shattering expectations (counting digital, otherwise only Splatoon 1 rivals it)

Approx. average VGC predictions (before pre-orders opened/IIRC):

Splatoon: 1 million
Lifetime sales: 4.9 million

God of War: 6-7 million
Lifetime projection: 12 million+

Monster Hunter World: 2-2.5 million
Current lifetime projection: 15~ million

To put things into perspective: MHW on PC alone managed to meet the average combined lifetime prediction in a single week.

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I say none of the above and go with Mario Tennis. I didn't expect it to be selling as well as it has. Especially considering how bad the one on Wii U was.

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God Of War is in the lead? People expected it to bomb or what? MHW is clearly the winner here.