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Kerotan said:
So what console did best last month on amazon? I presume it showed switch and yet again npd not reflecting amazon with ps4 winning.

There's NPD numbers available for July?

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KH3 is at 151. 2.8 is at 218. 1.5+2.5 is at 139.

PS Giftcards dominating again. Looks like fortnite hasn't suffered at all on PSN. Does anyone know if the basic spiderman bundle is coming to the US?

PS4 Slim back in stock finally?

PortisheadBiscuit said:
PS4 Slim back in stock finally?

It looks like it.... wow.

Hopefully whatever amazon issue was with sony is past, and their once again selling them.

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Amazon yearly charts update (10 days since last update):

SSBU: 18 (-)
Octopath Traveler: 34 (+1)
Super Mario Party: 53 (+6)
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu: 78 (+2)

Still no Fallout 76 or Kingdom Hearts ranking.

I removed Dark Souls since it dropped out of the Top 100 last time and hasn't come back yet. Will add it again when it shows up again.

The demand for the NES classic is still very strong I see.

I thought the SNES classic would've cut into it and make it a less desirable product.

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Just did a quick check. Following games are out of stock/3rd party sellers only on Amazon US

-Spider-man (only digital is available)

Good to see that this is almost back to normal now.

It's kind of sad that all I see on that list is old IPs that are multiple generations old at this point.