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teamsilent13 said:

It's kind of sad that all I see on that list is old IPs that are multiple generations old at this point. 

There are some new ones:
#41 Octopath Traveler
#48 Horizon Zero Dawn

Both new IP from this gen, but your right, most other things are IPs that are atleast 1gen old...

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Jeez, so many cards...

Where are the links on the front page?

Is PS4 sold out again?

Shaqazooloo0 said:

The demand for the NES classic is still very strong I see.

I thought the SNES classic would've cut into it and make it a less desirable product.

But the NES classic is a much better value, for the price.

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Nice to see the Spiderman PS4 Pro get a restock, seems like this is the only way for people to get their hands on a pro.

KH3 is at 166. No 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 tho. :(

Looks like Switch will fall a little in august, seems like it's doing pretty average.
Expecting to see the PS4 spidey bundle to sell really really well.
Hopefully the direct tomorrow will show some stuff to bring back the hype for the Switch. I really feel like Nintendo aren't releasing that much first party wise this year. They will need to change that tho, which should be the case since they will have only one system.

Welp that Spiderman pro restock didn't last long, PS4 is going to do insane numbers in Sept.

Amazon vs Sony is over?