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I appreciate your support in the PS Nation, Raven and Aura! I was surprised with VGP's rude comments on my character, I don't come here often but I thought he was a good guy before this happened.

Leaving that aside, Definitive Edition looks good. It should be called Remastered though, ahemm TLOU R, GOW 3 R and GR R ahemm. I like this format.

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great OP(s)

let's hope this one sticks around a good while

News update:

Darksiders III Release Date Set for November 27 - NicheGamer

You can purchase the standard edition for $60, but there are higher tier editions that go up to $400. Details of each edition are in the article.

Hiku said:

i don't get it, dante didn't have a father in Dmc

It makes sense Bristow. This way no one will feel like they own the Nation and that's for the benefit of discussions which don't appeal to everyone.

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I went with Sully. I had accepted he wouldn't be in Golden Abyss, and when he showed up, I was like: "yyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!"

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Spiderman is September 7th.

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Pionner said:
Spiderman is September 7th.

Good catch. I think I accidentally typed "1" in front of "7". Thanks.

To everyone, I added a little shortcuts menu to the first OP. Some may find scrolling down to be a chore, so I provided links to each section.

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